Staying Afloat Your Way: Choosing the Right Boat For You

When you find yourself in the great outdoors, there are several different ways you can spend your time. For example, there are tons of things you can do if you find yourself near a mountainous or forested area. If you’re near a mountain, you can go hiking and camping. The same goes for a nearby national park or what have you. From picnicking to just taking a stroll out in the wilderness, there’s so much you can do that’ll help you appreciate and enjoy the nature around you.

However, while there’s a lot of fun to be had on land, there’s just as much fun to be had on the water too! Whether on a beach or a lake, there are also several ways to spend your time out in the water. For starters, you could go swimming. However, water-related fun doesn’t always have to be limited to taking a dip. There are also ways just to coast along and enjoy your sweet time drifting along the water.

One perfect way to do this would be by sailing on the water. Of course, you might think that sailing means that you’ll need to own a rather large watercraft. Fortunately, sailing isn’t only for people with big boats or yachts. You can also do it with smaller watercraft, such as those ultra-portable sailboats you can find at your nearby recreational store!

What’s This A-Boat?

When you talk about sailing, what might initially come to mind would be being on a boat the size of a yacht. While this isn’t necessarily wrong, this isn’t the only way that you can go sailing on the water. Whether it’s on the beach or at a lake, you don’t necessarily have to own something as expensive as a yacht to go sailing. Even a simple narrowboat used for traversing narrow canals can give you a lot of fun and enjoyment. Click and follow the link to find your next narrowboat for sale.

Like how lakes and other bodies of water in the wilderness are accessible to all, the activity of sailing is too! So, it only makes sense that there are ways to make sailing accessible. Fortunately, these can be found in smaller, more portable types of watercraft.

What’s more, there are several types of portable boats that you can choose from depending on the water activity you want to do! Whether it’s just leisurely coasting along the water or moving fast from one point to another, there’s definitely a boat out there for you!

The Right Kind of Boat

Of course, figuring out what to choose is still tricky. Fortunately, there are three types of watercraft you can choose from depending on the activity you want to do. From laid back to the extreme, there’s a vast array of boats to choose from.

So, with all that in mind, hitting the water on a boat’s relatively simple! All you need to do is know what water activity you want to do. Once you’ve decided on that, next comes the part where you choose the watercraft that’s right for you.


Among the different kinds of portable watercraft, one of the most common types people gravitate towards would be the sailboat. Of course, sailboats come in all shapes and sizes. However, no matter how big or small, they’re all powered by the wind.

In the case of the portable kind of sailboat, what you’d typically have to choose from would be the catamaran-type of a sailboat. With these boats, you can utilize the power of the wind to take you around the water. What’s more, these types of watercraft can give you the chance to go on a wild ride, leaving you at the mercy of the wind. This is a perfect way to enjoy your time on the water for thrill-seekers out there.

Fortunately, there are several portable sailboats that you can put together and disassemble. This allows you to take them with you anywhere and have an easy time storing them when you’re not heading out in the water. So, if you’re up for sailing and going where the wind takes you, these boats would definitely fit your needs!

Paddle Boats and Rowboats

Aside from sailing through the water, there’s also the choice of leisurely threading through it. For these types of water activities, paddleboats and rowboats are the perfect watercraft to have with you on that outdoor trip.

Much like your sailboats, paddle and rowboats come in all shapes and sizes too. However, canoes and kayaks are one of the more common types you might encounter. Whatever the case, there will definitely be a rowboat tailored to your needs. Whether plying the water alone or with company, you’re sure to find the one that comes in the perfect shape and size.

Of course, you might think that paddle boats or rowboats are already relatively portable. Considering these are only made to accommodate a person or two, they don’t take up much space. However, for those of you who still think it might be hard to store, there are also inflatable versions of these boats! This makes it even easier to store and allows more people to have these boats on them.

So, if you’re thinking about threading through the water on smaller watercraft, consider a paddleboat or rowboat!

Inflatable Boats

If sailing or paddling aren’t exactly your thing, but you’d still like to traverse the water, you can still opt to get an inflatable boat! Since these are inflatable, storing them and bringing them around won’t be so difficult. However, aside from that, these types of boats also offer a lot more than just being convenient to bring around.

Despite being inflatable, many of these boats still do as good of a job cutting through the water as a smaller watercraft. As many inflatable boats also come with motors, these inflatable watercraft allow you to traverse the water easily, allowing you to cover more distance quickly. This will enable you to explore different parts of the body of water you find yourself in, like the beach’s coast. What’s more, there are also some that are perfect for you fishing enthusiasts out there.

So, if you just want to explore the water or go from point a to point b quickly, an inflatable boat is the perfect portable watercraft for you! It’s just as good as a dingy-sized boat, only easier to bring around!


The great outdoors is there for all people to enjoy. Whether it be on land or water, everyone has every right to be able to appreciate what nature has to offer. So, it only makes sense that something like sailing should be accessible for all!

While it’s true that sailing is typically associated with large boats and yachts, these aren’t the only ways that you can traverse the water. Fortunately, there are still some cheaper and more practical alternatives to owning a huge boat.

With portable sailboats and watercraft, you also have the chance to enjoy some time on the water, traversing that body of water you find yourself on. These are the perfect alternatives for anyone who thinks space is an issue or doesn’t want to spend on a yacht!

So, if you’ve been itching to sail the water or just float along with it, consider getting a portable watercraft!

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