Spring Break In Cancun? Read This Before You Book 

With historic sites, stunning sunsets, and beautiful beaches, Cancun, Mexico is a top choice among couples, families, and singles. There’s a lot to enjoy and so many things to do in Cancun and the city is basically designed with tourism in mind. That, and the miles upon miles of silky sand beaches, easily becomes one of the best places to spend your spring break. But is Cancun safe to travel to right now? Here’s what you need to do if you plan to travel. 

How Safe is Cancun?

Cancun is generally a relatively safe city. The criminal cases are much lower than in most places in Mexico. The city’s administration tries as much as possible to make this destination point a safe place for travelers because it is the largest source of revenue for this region.

But as anywhere in the world, that doesn’t mean you should not take any precautions. On the pandemic side, Cancun officials have just announced the voluntary use of masks in outdoors without crowds, and at a safe distance which means you can stop using them. However, it’s recommended to use masks in crowded places and in rooms with little ventilation. 

Cancun was one of the first cities in the world to adopt safety and hygiene protocols presented by the World Travel & Tourism Council. Hotels and accommodations still follow social distancing and strict disinfection protocols which should give you peace of mind and comfort. 

Before you book …

It’s no surprise that Cancun, Mexico is such a prime place for travelers when you consider its culture, food, beaches, festivals, cenotes, and many extraordinary natural gems it makes perfect sense to crave it. However, if you’re planning your very first visit, here are some essential travel tips for a worry-free spring break. 

  • Never travel without insurance 

Your travel insurance should be a top-of-mind priority everywhere you go, not just in Cancun. Healthcare in Mexico is really expensive for international travelers, especially during pandemic times. 

There are travel insurance options that will cover your treatment for covid, but it’s wise to read all the clauses before buying one. Some insurance options might serve different kinds of needs, so make sure you read through what’s included and what’s not. 

  • Pre-book your airport transport

Even though you may order an Uber in Cancun, that’s not actually legal. In fact, drivers aren’t allowed to pick tourists up at Cancun International Airport. Traditional taxis are an option, but prices sometimes are exceptionally high. 

We recommend that you pre-book your Cancun Shuttle from reliable services. Some hotels and accommodations also offer airport shuttles, so don’t forget to check with your chosen hotel. 

  • Don’t trust anyone 

Smile and be friendly but make sure you stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Sometimes, people you are talking to are getting awkwardly or suspectly close or ask questions that are too personal. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to move away.    

It’s always wise to watch out for pickpockets. Because almost every major tourist destination has these, it’s a good idea to keep your belongings safe from the eyes, especially in Downtown Cancun where there are fewer tourists. 

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