Some Common Dental Procedures Your Mulgrave Dentist Might be Offering

Healthcare providers are essential components of any community. Your family must have easy access to a trustworthy dentist to monitor and maintain everyone’s oral health regularly. Dental issues, left untreated, can cause a whole host of related health problems like gum disease, cavities and even diabetes.

Finding a Good Dentist in Mulgrave

The suburb of Mulgrave in Melbourne, Australia, boasts a population of over 19,000 people and rising. A big chunk of the suburb’s current population includes the significant demographics of children under 14 years old and seniors over 65. Young students also make up a substantial portion of Mulgrave’s population due to Monash University’s proximity.

Many families choose to settle down in the calm environment of the suburbs. Mulgrave’s vibrant community promises to be a safe and conducive environment for your kids to grow well, with plenty of kid-friendly spaces, reputable schools, and essential amenities like access to good dental care. Finding a reliable dentist in Mulgrave can offer your family long-term health and comfort.

An excellent dental practitioner can teach your children proper oral hygiene and even provide common maintenance procedures like tooth cleaning and safe tooth extraction. Regular checkups are important to ensure that any potential dental issue can be dealt with before the point of pain. This overview briefly describes some of the most common dental procedures your family dentist can perform for you.


This type of dental treatment is used to fix damaged teeth by applying a safe mixture made from composite resin. This substance will then be applied to the teeth and hardened through exposure to ultraviolet light. The mixture can then be further shaped according to the desired appearance to ensure that the affected area looks natural compared to your other teeth. Many get this procedure to fix or add support to decaying teeth, chipped teeth, or even fix discolouration.


Tooth bridges are another common procedure that can augment tooth decay. Dental bridges are so-called because they serve to bridge the gaps between any missing or chipped teeth. This process anchors false teeth, or pontics, between anchors of real or implanted teeth on both sides of the space. Dental bridges are not permanent and usually last only up to ten years.


Dental implants are false or prosthetic teeth that can replace missing or extracted teeth. Compared to bridges, dental implants last longer and don’t require anchorage as implants have artificial roots ‘implanted’ surgically into the jawbone.


Braces are a common orthodontic procedure that many parents tend to get for their children according to this dentist who does dental veneers in Harrisburg NC. While the effects are long-lasting and permanent if properly maintained, it is better to straighten your children’s teeth while they are young to fix underbites, overbites, and any other alignment issues that can affect how their teeth grow into their jaws as they get older.


Tooth extraction may be a necessary procedure if tooth decay can no longer be repaired or treated. This can help prevent periodontal disease, prevent an overcrowded jaw or ease the pain of impacted tooth growth. With the help of anesthesia, tooth extraction can be a quick outpatient procedure. 

Your dentist might be capable of many other services, like the application of crowns, caps and veneers, root canals, teeth whitening, fillings, dentures, and so on. A qualified dentist in Mulgrave might be qualified to perform major gum surgery to oral cancer examination. If you find a dentist you can trust, you can ensure the excellent condition of your family’s oral health.

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