Smart Business: 7 Benefits of an Effective Drainage System on Your Commercial Property

There’s a variety of reasons why you choose to develop a commercial property. You may want an investment from which you can generate a nifty profit, or you may even want to run a business from it.

No matter your plans, one of the key elements to protecting your investment is to ensure that quality maintenance is carried out routinely. Proper commercial drainage forms part of an efficient maintenance plan.

Why a Commercial Drainage System is Important

If you’re investing in a commercial or industrial property, it’s crucial to ensure that an adequate water drainage system is installed. Having this in place from the start has several key benefits, highlighted below by our industry experts.

1.      Create a Safe Environment

No matter what purpose you’re planning to use your commercial property for, a well-implemented drainage system will keep everyone safe. Without a drainage system, a property can quickly become unsafe during the rainy season as a result of water build-up.

2.      Minimise the Risk of Flooding

When water has nowhere to go and there’s more of it than the surrounding land can absorb at one time, it starts pooling. Continuous rain over a short period can then easily lead to flooding. This flooding will eventually end up inside the buildings on your property putting your furniture and equipment at risk.

A drainage system is primarily created for excess water to have somewhere to go. The system will direct any rainwater away from the property, buildings and surrounding landscapes.

3.      Limit the Growth of Mould and Mildew

Buildings that are constantly exposed to water and moisture are at risk of developing mould or mildew. Mould spores will grow on the walls, floors and ceilings of your buildings. In addition to damaging the infrastructure, mould is also harmful to the employees or customers who frequent your property.

4.      Safer Parking Lots

If you have a parking area on your property, this is the ideal spot for water to start pooling. Having employees and customers walking through puddles of water to reach their vehicles creates the risk of injury, which can lead to third-party claims against your business.

Furthermore, excess water can result in damage such as potholes and cracks in the parking lot. Not only will these increase the risk of an accident, but they will be costly to repair. These types of damages or claims may also increase your insurance premiums.

5.      Enhance Curb Appeal

Your property won’t be a very lucrative investment if it looks damaged or neglected and it won’t put your business in high favour with potential customers. So, the damaging effects of water will hamper your property’s curb appeal.

To improve curb appeal and keep your property looking safe and attractive to visitors and investors, our experts recommend using the commercial plumbers Melbourne companies rely on. Having a property that looks attractive and safe from the curb (hence curb appeal) will be an instant draw card with visitors.

6.      Protect the Landscaping

In many instances, landscaping is done to enhance the area surrounding the building once it’s constructed. However, excessive water streaming across your property can destroy your landscaping in a matter of hours. Not only will this affect the aesthetic of your property, but it will be costly to repair.

7.      Minimise Maintenance to the Property

When you have a drainage system that works well for diverting water, the damage from seasonal rain is considerably less. Properties that don’t have a drainage system, or the wrong type of drainage system will require constant maintenance.

Some of the maintenance you will have to routinely take care of as a result of excess water include:

  • Repair or replace cracks in foundations
  • Fill potholes or cracked walkways on the property
  • Remove mould from the outside and inside of the building
  • Repaint any parts of the building where excess damage has caused the paint to peel
  • Dry out areas where water pools to avoid health issues with stagnant water
  • Replace landscaping plants, grass, soil and mulch
  • Repair any damage done to the interior building as a result of flooding

Since none of these tasks can be listed as general maintenance, your improper drainage system (or lack of one) will be setting you up for a lot of extra work, which will also come at an extra cost!

Final Thought

In some areas of the country, it may be law to install a water drainage system on a commercial or industrial property. Despite that, many property owners still opt to take shortcuts by opting for cheaper, shoddily built infrastructures. As a responsible business owner, it’s important to keep yourself out of that category.

Ensure that your water drainage system is designed and installed by credible experts. That way you will have peace of mind that your property and its visitors are safe all year round and not only in the dry season!




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