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Short Girl Memes: Introduction


Short girls have amazing personalities all around and they always look so cute and adorable even when they are angry. Their short height adds to their cuteness. Though they are made of in a joking way a lot by their friends or other people. Memes about short girls are so damn hilarious it will always crack you up no matter what. Short girl memes are memes which are made on short girls for their short height, these memes usually include puns & jokes. If you have a short friend in your group or if you are the short friend in your group, you don’t wanna miss on these really hilarious memes.


IMPACT & SPREAD: Short Girl Memes


Short girl memes are always very relatable in nature because there’s always one or more girls who just cute & short. They always look adorable and like a teddy bear. Memes on short girls have given people different ideas on how to joke about their short friend. But they aren’t always made fun of, some short girl memes appreciate and state advantages of their short heights. In this way, memes boost confidence and attitude of the girls who feel bad about their height. Memes on short girls always get a ton on upvotes, likes, comments and shares because it is always easy to understand, enjoy and relate too. People also tend to share these memes to their short friends a lot or tag them in the meme. Below is an amazing collection of the most hilarious short girl memes.

Short Girl Memes



  • When you best friend his tall as hell and every one thinks you are her little sister.
  • Girls who are in a very angry mood and are under 5 feet and 4 inches look like minions.
  • When you are a short girl and your bf asks you : How’s does the soil smell since you’re so close to it.
  • When you step into the kids pool but still the water level is above your chest.
  • Me struggling in the super mart because someone decided to put cornflakes in the top shelve.
  • Who you google : who won’t go to heaven, and it says – short people.
  • The struggle when you lower down your car’s visor but the sunlight reaches you anyways.
  • When you’re arguing with someone and they say : you’re not tall enough to see the point.
  • When you reach the bathroom to do make up but you can only see your forehead in the mirror.

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