Save Money on Utilities With These Tech Switches

Disconnecting from traditional utility sources isn’t just for people squirreled away in a cabin in the woods; it can be a smart idea for any family that’s looking to save money. Here are three changes you can make in your home that may significantly reduce your monthly expenses.

Get VoIP Phone Service

If you’re like a lot of families, you probably don’t use your home’s landline very often. You probably all make and receive most of your calls on your mobile devices, while the rest of your communications are likely made through social media. Although it may be convenient to maintain a household phone line so that friends and businesses that have your number can still reach you, paying for a traditional phone service that’s rarely used seems like a waste of money.

That’s why more families are switching to a VoIP product like Ooma cloud phones, which allow you to keep your home service with zero monthly cost. Because they work using your internet connection rather than an expensive and outdated telecommunications grid, VoIP systems can offer you service at a fraction of what the big telecom companies charge.

Ditch Cable

It’s referred to as “cutting the cord,” and families everywhere are canceling their cable television service and instead are getting their content through a combination of streaming services and antennae connections. Canceling cable can allow you to access only the entertainment that you find valuable, rather than paying for a bunch of channels no one in your home watches. If you’ve got high-speed internet, there’s almost nothing you can’t watch through a platform other than traditional cable.

Install Solar Panels

Although installing a solar energy system to power your home can require a sizeable up-front investment, you will usually start saving money the moment you disconnect from the municipal electricity grid. Some owners of solar-powered homes actually make money by selling excess energy back to the local utilities, and costs can also be offset by tax credits that are available to many homeowners who make the switch. To further help combat the expense of adding solar, many installers offer financing or leasing programs for new systems.

Making changes to how your home operates can be a smart way to reduce and even eliminate some of your monthly expenses. Breaking away from a traditional telephone, cable, and power providers can add up to sizeable savings from the moment you make the switch.

Utilize a Smart Plug Outlet

smart plug outlet helps you save on electricity effortlessly. You can keep your devices plugged in and still save money. It uses AI to control the flow of electricity, to know when you need it, and when you don’t. These outlets are relatively inexpensive, require no maintenance, and reduce your electricity bill.

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