Renovate Your House with LVT Flooring for an Extravagant Look

When choosing the best flooring for your space, you don’t have to compromise between beauty and resilience. Current innovative flooring options like vinyl tiles offer a comprehensive package of durability, beauty, style, and functionality. When it comes to dock building Charleston SC residents know that they can trust us.

Therefore, aim to renovate your house with LVT flooring for an elegant look. As a game-changer, luxury vinyl offers solutions that suit different areas of your house, making it a popular and convenient remodeling choice for housing projects.

Luxury vinyl flooring is a perfect option to revamp your laundry room, kitchen, multipurpose space, home office, living room, and bathroom. You can still use it in a recently completed basement.

Thanks to its waterproof and easy maintenance abilities, LVT flooring is versatile. So, here’s how you can use it for house renovations.

Areas to Renovate with Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

When it comes to floor renovations, most people prefer putting different materials in different parts of the house. Aside from aesthetic appeal, they also consider durability, as some areas have more traffic than others.

Fortunately, LVT flooring is the most ideal to use in any part of the house. The best part? You can choose different designs to suit the goal of a particular space. 

Still, you can opt for a uniform design all around the house. The choice is yours, from a wide selection. So, how do vinyl tiles hold up in different house areas? Let’s find out!

  • Bathroom and Laundry Room

Regarding flooring renovations, wet areas are the most challenging and costly to redo. While avoiding water on your bathroom floor is typically impossible, it becomes bad news for traditional and high-quality floors.

A while ago, people invested heavily in flooring options they thought would withstand heavy and wet usage. Sadly, the outcome has proved to be very different from the high expectations. But, the ever-growing flooring market has brought better and more advanced options. 

If you love the wooden floor appearance, porcelain tiles, terrazzo tile floor, or even glass tiles, LVT flooring is the option for you. Remarkably, vinyl tiles are highly waterproof. These tiles are moisture-friendly and can withstand water and spills from cleaners and chemicals.

It has a wide range of designs that mimic genuine hardwood and concrete to ensure you achieve your preference. You can opt for the glue-down vinyl tiles, or the floating vinyl for bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Additionally, the type varies with how you install the LVT tile- is it in an expensive main bathroom or just a tiny powder bathroom? This way, you’ll know if your preferred choice can easily handle the stress.

However, not all types of vinyl floor tiles are genuine. So, ensure you research thoroughly before picking an option for your bathroom.

  • Kitchen

Your kitchen is another hardest-working space in the house. Not only is it prone to frequent heavy traffic, but it’s also prone to spills and messes from food, drinks, muddy and dusty shoes, and wet raincoats. Everybody wants to be in the kitchen, at some point, all the time.

While most people would hurriedly opt for wooden kitchen floors, there’s a significant drawback to consider. A wooden kitchen floor isn’t resilient enough to handle the drips and spills from hot or cold water and other liquids. Also, it can easily dent when things fall on it from the kitchen counter, not to mention the damage from high foot traffic over time.

But, LVT flooring features a wide range of looks and hues. When choosing an ideal design for your kitchen, keep in mind the everyday messes in there. 

Go for something that’s not too light as it might show the dirt quickly, Also, avoid the dark hues as they can hide the spills, which might cause an accident.

Glue-down vinyl tiles are a better option in the kitchen, just like the bathroom and laundry room. This is because they can best hold them down to the subfloor, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Glue-down doesn’t peel or warp easily.

Keep the ideal vinyl tile thickness of 2mm to 8mm, if you want a high-quality choice. But most importantly, consider a thick wear layer to ensure it holds up the daily wear and tear of high kitchen traffic.

  • Living Room and Dining Room

Living and dining rooms are shared yet cozy spaces that still receive significant traffic. Usually, an open-concept floor design features ample space that significantly affects the floor type.

Although natural wood is aesthetic, warm, and inviting, it can be costly to install. 

Another drawback in many floor types is the durability considering claws, toys, high heels, and furniture feet. Your kids can wheel around toy cars, or you can move furniture around when cleaning, harming wooden floors, carpets and some concrete.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring makes a perfect choice for your living and dining room. It’s not only eye-catching, but it’s also straightforward to install and maintain. Still, compared to wood, it’s pocket-friendly. However, vinyl tiles can scratch!

There are several tones in LVT flooring to choose from to suit your living room design. If you stay in these areas long, go for the color you love. Preferably, a natural wood appearance appeals to many people and provides a luxurious look in any space.

Moreover, depending on the size, you still have to select which vinyl flooring is best for your everyday space. Ideally, look for one that sticks to the subfloor firmly and doesn’t risk lifting away from heavy traffic or washing.

Residential spaces use approximately a 12 mil wear layer on the lower side. A thicker layer will be ideal for lasting protection if your family is active with several members, kids, and pets.

  • Bedroom

Luxury vinyl tile makes an excellent choice for your bedroom floor. The bedroom is a personal space where people prioritize comfort and coziness. But, durability and safety are vital for children’s bedrooms in a floor type.

Vinyl construction features foam backing that creates a cushioned surface. The cushioned surface provides maximum comfort and heat to keep underfoot warm and cozy. Who doesn’t want to wake up to a welcoming, soft, warm, and comfortable floor every morning?

Furthermore, attractive selections of contemporary and stylish wood-like designs for your bedroom guarantees warmth and style. Besides, you could throw some floor rugs or carpets to prolong your vinyl floor or add style.

Parting Shot

Renovating different parts of your house with luxury vinyl flooring can make a huge and positive impact on the overall décor. Vinyl tiles are practical like tiles, but not that cold. They are beautiful like hardwood, yet not a hassle to maintain. And, they hardly have water issues.

Remarkably, you could also choose vinyl ceilings to give that elegant look to your house. Generally, LVT flooring is the one option that fits all areas of your house.

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