In the daily life of the ayahuasca ceremony, it is very important and influential in the life and health of the human body. A custom that exists in society makes a tradition that is difficult to break. Because from generation to generation, people who have a certain custom are certainly difficult for us to change and enter into that existence. Every society that has its customs must respect the value of its ancestral heritage and maintain its beauty from generation to generation. Modern life and era require us to maintain and preserve the customs that existed in ancient times. Moreover, as young people who still have the power with new ideas, it makes us think more about developing the pattern and not losing the culture. People’s lives that still uphold adat in a society are very rich in knowledge of traditional and cultural expressions in indigenous peoples. For example, by using patterns and using traditional medicinal plants to maintain and heal problems in your body. The use of plants for traditional medicine itself is very useful, many of which we need in our bodies. Many of us do not know and understand and consider something that is in front of our eyes to be a triviality. It is necessary to preserve and protect traditional cultures that still exist and are still developing in today’s era. And it is very unfortunate for us as the younger generation who do not care and lack a sense of responsibility in its preservation.


Amid rampant treatment, so many people are starting to get confused about the uses and benefits contained it. The era has experienced quite high technological advances, so some many opinions and problems that make us more obliged to be able to control our emotions, and fears that will hinder our health. However, there are several things or steps that we must do in overcoming these problems. One of them is from ourselves, not to be controlled by destructive emotions and thoughts. So that a positive feeling and attitude by always being grateful for what we live, makes our bodies and ourselves more healthy and controlled. Preserving traditional ingredients is not easy because of its hereditary nature. But you should know, the various benefits contained in it for the health of your body. One of them is maintaining brain health which can keep your nerves circulating more smoothly and reduce inflammation, and pain that we have problems with, such as dizziness and others. That way the feeling of emotion or anger contained in the body will be easily controlled by itself.


But in the benefits contained in it, there are also many effects, that make you feel anxious, diarrhea, or vomiting. From there, there is a need for assistance from certain parties. But don’t be afraid that circumstances like that will make our bodies healthier and able to relax and return to their normal activities. But you need to remember, that when you undergo treatment. You must still not forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As is the case, the pattern of consuming healthy foods, containing high protein, and always maintaining the cleanliness of your body and the environment around you. Including not forgetting to do exercise every day. That way when we undergo treatment it will be faster and easier for you to do and your problem will be quickly resolved. Of course, the behavior and healthy lifestyle that you do will become a good habit and you will never forget in your daily life. One of these treatments that makes it even more difficult is that the location of the plant is very far, namely in the Amazon forest, with various stages and a very long process in getting it. Therefore, there is a need for enthusiasm in the community to maintain, protect and preserve its use so that it does not become extinct and is misused for the crime so that it can damage it.


Of course, there are always negative effects and powers that cause high hallucinations when drinking it. Therefore, it is necessary to assist certain people for people who are new to and know the types and benefits contained in them. Do not just want to try – try, before you know the benefits and uses and side effects of its use. If we are more understanding and understand, you do not feel afraid to try and take advantage of it. But you still have to remember by continuing to use the procedure and the assistance of people who already understand it. So if something happens that you do not expect, there will be ongoing action and handling. Well, stay alert and careful, do not just be careless when we are going to do and choose traditional treatments for our bodies. This will make your illness even worse.