It seems to be a stupid meme, but where did this theory come from?

Even the stupidest memes reflect some aspect of our social reality. This year searches for “how to make pages bigger” peaked thanks to fans of Swedish gaming YouTuber PewDiePie, among whom “pp” has become a meme, as Paternal reported.

But somewhere along the way, like in a horrible Internet game of phone-of-dick, these searches changed. “Does apple juice make your pp bigger?” grew into searches, which then simply morphed into the idea that apple juice could improve your overall penis size. Now, the idea that apple juice could help your penis grow is a meme in itself. But for God’s sake, why?

An apple a day… from memes

Most likely, this is just the result of the usual scattering of humor online. Unsurprisingly, there’s no evidence that apple juice is anything other than an excessively sugary drink. However, there are several online blogs and articles from sites that have probably already installed malware on my computer that are pushing the theory forward. one from Empire News even cites a Boston University nutritional study on the subject, although no such study appears to exist.

“’Six months after the study, our group’s average erect penile length increased from 5.75 inches to 6.25 inches, while erect penile girth increased from 3.8 inches to 5.3 inches… It became overwhelmingly obvious that the production of semen increased very quickly along with legs- intense, shaking, full-body orgasms. Obviously, our test subjects were very pleased with their newly discovered personal growth and unprecedented orgasms. I guess you could say that juice gives you more juice, and more juice keeps a smile on your face,’” the article quotes a made-up professor.

discussion comment AttackSheep discussion comment “What do people think about this funny meme that says apple juice increases penis size lol?”.

A better idea of ​​the attitude towards this apple juice theory comes from Reddit. “First, apple juice increases the size of your penis that goes for women as well. Also eight times out of ten, after drinking a glass of apple juice, a furry will be convicted of war crimes in Yugoslavia,” [sic] . Even the penis enlargement subreddit refers to it simply as a “funny meme”, so hopefully, there aren’t really insecure teens out there drinking apple juice by the gallon in the name of penis gains though, almost certainly, some will do exactly that.

It’s reassuring, much of the data that Google Trends collects on apple juice growth and dick is related to memes. Again, maybe people are coming across the meme and hoping there is some truth to it, but sadly there isn’t. There are much worse ways to do it than try to enlarge your penis. However, if you want to try some apple juice for weeks, well, good luck.

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