One of Four New iPhone 14 Pro & the Latest Model Suzuki Alto Could Be Yours – Send Money to Bangladesh via ACE Money Transfer to Enter the Lucky Draw

ACE Money Transfer has launched an exciting campaign for the millions of Bangladeshi diaspora spread worldwide. Most of these Bangladeshi expatriates earn a living and support their families back home financially as they send money to Bangladesh after making in foreign lands.

So, in this campaign, the expatriates hailing from Bangladesh will stand a chance to win one of the 4 iPhones 14 Pro (128 GB) and one brand-new Suzuki Alto LXi in a series of lucky draws during the campaign before the year 2022 limps across the finish line.

Background in a nutshell 

Bangladesh is a middle-income third-world country. Its people-unfriendly economic policies, coupled with repeated cycles of political instability, have together landed large segments of the Bangladeshi population in financial miseries.

The people of Bangladesh have been suffering from poverty and high levels of unemployment, which compounds their financial woes leading to their inability to put food on their tables, let alone fulfilling other needs essential for a decent living in this era.

These needs include, but are not limited to, of course, a good-quality smartphone to stay connected with loved ones and a car to help you commute without much ado.

For this purpose, an expatriate works extra hard to be able to afford a new phone and the latest model car, buying which with limited means is quite a challenge. However, this worry of Bangladeshi expatriates is taken care of by ACE Money Transfer like always.

Online money transfer(s) to Bangladesh through ACE Money Transfer across October and November will make Bangladeshi expatriates eligible for the campaign and the subsequent lucky draws to win the twin prizes.

Economy of Bangladesh

  • With a nominal GDP of $416.26 billion, Bangladesh is the world’s 41st-largest economy.
  • It has a Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) of $1.11 trillion, ranking 30th worldwide. 
  • Its GDP per capita income is 145th worldwide at $2,503.
  • Bangladesh has a PPP per capita income of $6,633, the 135th in the world.

This weak economy is substantially supported by the remittances sent in by the Bangladeshi diaspora from overseas. Remittances to Bangladesh in 2021 were $22.1 billion, which made Bangladesh the 3rd largest remittance recipient in South Asia.

About the Campaign

Starting from the 1st of October and ending on the 30th of November, all the paid transfers to Bangladesh as cash pickup, wallet, and bank deposits through ACE Money Transfer, will join the said campaign.

After a Bangladeshi expatriate joins the campaign, they will qualify for the subsequent lucky draws, which will be held at ACE Money Transfer’s head office. The company can broadcast live the lucky draws on its official Facebook page if it so decides.

Prize Details

The company will dole out 4 iPhones 14 Pro (128 GB) to the senders of remittances. In contrast, one brand-new Suzuki Alto LXi will be given to the recipient, who will be nominated in Bangladesh by the sender, to collect the prize on their behalf.

Dates of lucky draws

  • Draw one for the phone on October 17th;
  • Draw two for the phone on October 31st;
  • Draw three for the phone on November 21st;
  • Draw four for the phone and car on December 5th. 

The company reserves the right to change the dates if it so desires. 

Campaign nuts and bolts

  • Multiple transactions in one day will be counted as one between the given dates but transactions across the campaign duration daily without a break will count separately and increase your chances of winning. 
  • Winners will be informed through emails and calls; if a winner does not show up within 7 days, a redraw will be conducted. 
  • The company can use winners’ identities for marketing or promotional purposes. 
  • Winners cannot transfer or encash the awards. 
  • Winners alone will be responsible for any tax liability as a result of winning an award. ACE Money Transfer will accept no responsibility whatsoever, in this regard.  
  • Employees of ACE Money Transfer are not eligible for this campaign. 
  • Awards will be verified, and the company reserves the right to halt, cancel or redo the entire process if it finds any transaction to be suspicious. 
  • ACE Money Transfer can change the entire process of the campaign for any reason it deems appropriate without prior notice, and its decisions shall be legally binding on all. 

Money transfers to Bangladesh with ACE Money Transfer could not have been more rewarding.

Send money to Bangladesh online with ACE Money Transfer within the given time by following the simple steps explained above and win awards that you would otherwise spend considerable amounts to purchase.

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