Non-GameStop Casinos – Find a New Type of Gambling Site 

It is an exciting time to be getting into the online gambling space. There are so many different exciting avenues that you can explore. There is everything from sports betting to popular casino games and poker that you can play online. The process of getting started takes just a few minutes.

There are two main categories of online casinos that are popular in the space right now. The first of these are the traditional types of operations. They are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) and make sure to follow a strict set of rules.

The other type of online casino is non-GameStop casinos. These are platforms that are outside of the purview of the UKGC. Many people prefer these types of sites as there are fewer restrictions in place, providing a much greater level of freedom in many cases to players. This article will look at the positives and drawbacks of both types of casino platforms. 

GameStop Gambling Functions with the UKGC 

The UKGC is the group that is tasked by the government to oversee the gambling sector in the region. There are many different responsibilities that the UKGC must juggle. This includes handing out new gambling licenses, making sure that existing licensees are behaving correctly, as well as introducing new restrictions or changes that are deemed fit to promote a more responsible gambling environment.

It has introduced many such measures in recent years. This includes a ban on credit cards being utilized for funding gambling accounts, timers on slot machine spin speeds, as well as curtailing the max stake on certain types of games.

As the UKGC has so much to do, it often needs the help of other bodies. GamStop is a non-profit organization that gives a lot of help to the UKGC. It offers a mass self-exclusion offering. This means that someone can block themselves from each and every UKGC-licensed site with just a few clicks. Once this block is in place there is no going back until the months or years-long period has come to a completion. 

How do Non-GameStop Casinos Work 

According to, non-GameStop casinos are those platforms that do not fall under the UKGC’s umbrella. This is because they are based outside of the region. Therefore, these platforms do not have to be a part of GameStop. This means that they are not going to be subject to the same set of strict UKGC rules that are in place for licensed operators.

Very often, these non-GameStop casinos will be licensed by some other authority, such as the Malta Gaming Authority, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, or the government of Curacao.

There are many benefits that people cite when they prefer to use non-GameStop casinos. This includes having access to bigger libraries of games, getting bigger bonuses, not having restrictions on payment methods, and fewer restrictions on game mechanics.

One big issue with these types of sites is that they do not have any mass self-exclusion service in a place like GameStop. They also allow self-excluded GameStop gamblers to still gamble. However, there are usually responsible gambling tools available on non-GameStop sites, including self-exclusion. It is important that people who are using these types of platforms do so in a safe and responsible way. 

Can you Play Legally at Non-GameStop Casinos? 

There is currently no law that prohibits gamblers in the UK from using non-GameStop sites. Therefore, there is no fear of facing legal ramifications. The onus is all on the operator and it will be them who will have to deal with any consequences if they are found to be targeting people in the UK. 

Should You Try Non-GameStop Casinos? 

There is a lot of enjoyment to be had from playing at non-GameStop casinos. They offer a lot more freedom and choice to players. This allows them to experience the full gambit of different options. However, there are some negatives associated with playing on these platforms. Here is a look at some of those pros and cons: 

Pros of Using Non-GameStop Casinos 

  • Bigger collections of games
  • More innovative titles
  • Fewer restrictions on game features
  • Bigger and better bonuses
  • A wider range of payment options

Cons of Using Not Using GameStop Casinos 

  • GameStop self-excluders can still gamble
  • GBP is not always an option
  • Certain game studios won’t supply games to these sites

Which Type of Casino to Choose? 

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide which type of casino site you want to use. They both have their own benefits and drawbacks. You really need to consider what side you want to err on. For the UKGC-licensed sites, you will be getting a more stable and safe gambling environment.

The non-GameStop casinos will on the other hand provide a greater level of freedom but less protection. It is important that the people who are using non-GameStop casinos are fully in control of their gambling. Otherwise, serious issues can arise if someone’s gambling is starting to get out of control.

There is also nothing stopping someone from trying out both of these types of casino sites for themselves and seeing which suits their needs the best. This can be an ideal solution for a lot of people who can’t make up their minds. 

Here to Stay 

The world of online casinos is constantly changing. New types of games and features are always getting released and coming to the fore. You have an endless amount of choice as to what games you play and what platforms to use. Non-GameStop casinos look like they are here to stay, as players really enjoy the greater level of freedom that they get.

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