NFL New Rule Changes Ahead Of The 2022 NFL Season

The NFL’s commitment to improving all facets of the league is impressive. The 2022 NFL season will start with essential changes that will enhance the game. The changes, including the NFL Points Spreads, will also promote fairness for all participating teams, allowing teams to compete fairly while delivering rich entertainment to their fans.

The NFL has been very frontal with addressing issues. It is common for sports bodies to use a laid-back approach and only respond to problems when they are causing the cards to fall off. The NFL has also used the laid-back approach in the past. With such approaches, the prize paid to rectify situations is usually high, and salvaging the situation may not be entirely successful.

Since the NFL started to study situations and attempt to solve them before they become threatening challenges, the results have been great. They also have more time to understudy the challenges and propose solutions tested several times before implementation. These solutions trickle down to impact all facets of the NFL.

Understanding The New 2022 NFL Rules

With the 2022 NFL season starting in a few weeks, the NFL has again rolled out some new rules that will be implemented during the new season. If you do not know these rules, you should read on to understand them and how they impact the game.

The NFL makes essential changes to its rules every year. From team rosters to in-game arrangements, improved safety measures, and other regulations guiding the response to different scenarios. This ensures the game is competitive, and every team has equal chances of winning.

Ahead of the commencement of the 2022 NFL season, the NFL has implemented several rules that will guide operations in the NFL beginning from the new season. Some of the NFL’s new rules are usually drawn from new proposals; others are follow-ups and improvements to existing rules. Some categories of rules will go through trials and errors.

Three New 2022 NFL Rules

  • Overtime Rules

The NFL’s new overtime rules are one of the most widely received NFL rules for 2022. There have been several discussions concerning the NFL’s overtime rules. However, a new proposal by the Colts and Eagles during the NFL’s 2022 annual meeting finally pushed for the birth of the new rules. The proposal agreed with statistics gathered from the NFL’s data from previous postseason games, which showed that most games were decided on first possession. Any team who won the coin toss was more likely to win the game. But this was not precisely a fair consideration for their opponents. A summary of the new NFL overtime rules is as follows:

The new NFL overtime rules only apply to postseason playoffs. These rules are permanent. Regular season overtime games will continue with the usual sudden death decision method.

Each team can now hold possession at least once during the extra time allowed. However, if the team kicking off scores a safety from their opponent’s first possession, the game will end, and the kick-off team will be declared winners.

When both teams have had possession chances, the winner of the game will be decided as the team with more points.

If there is a tie after both teams have had possessions, then any of the teams who score by any means will become the winner.

  • Free Kick Rules

The NFL’s competition committee decided to permanently validate the free kick formation changes first introduced in the 2021 NFL season. Consequently, during free kick scenarios, all the receiving team players must be positioned inbound away from their restraining line. Only a maximum of 9 players and a minimum of 8 players are allowed to stay in between the restraining line and a 15-yard spot beyond the restraining line. This spot is known as the setup spot or zone.

  • Helmet Rule

The NFL helmet rule centers around possible penalties when players lower their helmets. It applies when the helmet comes in contact with another player. This rule was initiated in 2018, but four years on, the NFL has modified the rule to mean – if a player lowers his head and makes “forcible” contact with an opponent through their helmet, it would be considered a foul. The word “forcible” is a new addition to the NFL’s helmet rule. The rule was subject to many arguments, but the NFL has now engaged AI programs to figure out when any player makes contact.


These are three of the NFL’s new rules for the new season. Fans of the game are expected to be conversant with these rules so that their applications will not take them unawares. The NFL is testing other new rules. If they prove successful during the season, the NFL may make them permanent. Rule changes are a consistent part of the NFL’s drive to ensure that the league remains competitive and every team has a fair chance to win.


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