Motorbike Tech you Didn’t Know About

You will often hear about the new tech that is emerging in the automotive industry, but what about motorbikes? While there is less potential for tech in the motorbike industry, you will find that there have been many impressive developments in recent times and a handful of impressive tech that can improve the motorbike riding experience and in more ways than one.


Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise control has been available in cars for many years and in recent times it has found its way to the motorbike sector. Cruise control with BMW and Ducati models and can control the speed of the bike by monitoring the speed of the vehicle in front, which can eliminate the need for the rider to adjust the speed themselves.


Smart Helmets

One of the more futuristic technologies to develop in recent times has been smart helmets. In addition to protecting your head, these advanced helmets can include a heads-up display, cameras, audio alerts, GPS connectivity, and connectivity. This can transform the riding experience and make it easier, safer, and more enjoyable.


Kawasaki’s Skyhook Suspension

Skyhook is an electronic type of suspension that increases stability on uneven surfaces. This has been around for a while and can greatly improve off-road riding, but Kawasaki has recently taken this to the next level with their electronic control suspension (KECS) and Showa’s Skyhook Electronically Equipped Ride Adjustment (EERA).


Bosch Split-Screen Display

Another way to enhance the riding experience is with split-screen technology, which is another type of technology commonly found in cars. Bosch has a new app-enabled split-screen system that can allow someone to see all kinds of key information, including speed, fuel, odometer, and other info along with my spin app-related functions.


Ride Vision 360-Degree AI System

There are a number of impressive safety features finding their way into the market, but the trouble is that many of these cannot be retroactively fitted to your bike. Fortunately, the Ride Vision 360-degree AI system can be added to any bike. This is a safety system using two cameras that can provide 360% detection and alert the rider when there are vehicles/objects nearby.


Airbag Riding Pants

The tech used in motorcycle clothing has also come a long way. Airbag motorcycle jackets have become common and you can now find airbag riding pants that can provide protection in the event of an accident with a compressed air cartridge to inflate airbags located on the pants. Riding a motorbike can be dangerous, so tech like this is important along with having sufficient multi-bike insurance in place if you have multiple bikes


As you can see, there have been impressive strides made in recent times when it comes to motorbike tech. It will be exciting and interesting to see what the future holds and what further developments there will be that can improve the riding experience and improve safety.

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