Mexican Travel Destinations Where The Locals Love To Go

White sand beaches, relaxing settings, breath-taking natural landscape, and delicious food. Mexico provides the main ingredients for a perfect vacation if you love to travel to exotic places and explore rich cultures. South America has many travel destinations that would make for great vacation spots, but Mexico is by far the richest in attractive places. And if you’re not visiting for the multitude of things you can see and do, do it for the at-home feeling you get when meeting locals who are some of the welcoming people worldwide. 

Here is a list of Mexican destinations the locals prefer when they want to have an authentic experience. 


The Mexican Caribbean is always a great destination if you want to spend your vacation in a relaxing place. Locals fell in love with the Riviera Maya, which is among their favorite places to visit if they spend their holidays in their native country. Why do they love it? It’s a place where they can relax and recharge because there are no crowds and loud events to disturb the peaceful energy of the riviera. The archeological area of Tulum is unique because the pre-Hispanic ruins overlook Paradise Beach from the top of a cliff. 


Located half an hour from Mexico City, Cuernavaca is locals’ and tourists’ favorite getaway. The location is famous for the warm weather all year long and the intensely hued flowers that adorn its streets. This is another Mexican destination to relax and dive into the local culture. Besides submerging into heated pools and walking through large gardens, you can also visit colonial buildings and eat local food in one of the several restaurants that serve guests from breakfast to dinner. 


The locals named Cancun the heart of the Mexican Caribbean due to its great weather, gorgeous white beaches, clear blue waters, and countless activities available for visitors. However, Cancun has much more to offer; it’s also rich in history. During the Mayan era, the Yucatan Peninsula was one of the most important cultural, trade, and religious centers. And we should not forget about the exquisite cuisine available around the city. If you want a premium experience, pre-book Cancun airport transportation to benefit from a private conveyance. You’ll have peace of mind knowing someone’s waiting for you to take you from the airport to your accommodation.         

Valle de Guadalupe

Are you a wine lover? Valle de Guadalupe is the perfect vacation destination for you. With more than 200 wineries providing tours, you’ll have a complete experience. If you don’t want to book accommodation at a winery, you can stay at a luxury resort and visit the wineries during the day. Or you can have a glamping adventure on the rocky mountains. The Guadalupe Valley is known as a gourmet destination with restaurants like Silvestre, Laja, or Fauna. During the summer, you can eat at one of the pop-up farm-to-table restaurants open close to vineyards. 

The above Mexican tourist destinations stand out through their uniqueness. They are the recurrent places where locals go several times every year to enjoy delicious dishes and relax. 


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