Major Companies That take Bitcoin as payment

Elon Musk created a stir in February when he announced that Tesla was purchasing $1.5 billion of Bitcoin and would accept the most well-known cryptocurrency to pay for its cars — another record for Musk in the automotive industry.

The revolution was only short-lived.

The thing that is frequently left out of the debate about Bitcoin is how harmful it impacts the environment. The powerful, highly-specialized computers required to create Bitcoin consume huge amounts of energy. That is the reason that most of it are produced in China in a country in a country where electricity is inexpensive and the regulations are sloppy. Tesla is a firm that has its entire name built on sustainable energy has withdrawn its Bitcoin bid around three months after. Musk was citing environmental concerns and the enormous amount of fossil fuels that have to be burned to make one single coin. On May 12th, Musk’s mea culpa removed $365 billion of bitcoin in one day.

Not all companies are as enthusiastic about Musk’s enthusiasm for green energy. Bitcoin is huge and is getting larger, with many of the largest companies in America joining the Bitcoin bandwagon as well as accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. These are 10 of the best players of the game. They know about Bitcoin Code as well.


Microsoft was the first to adopt the concept of Bitcoin in 2014 when it began accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for apps, games, and other digital content on platforms such as Windows Phone and Xbox. Bitcoin was still relatively unknown in 2014 and a lot of the people who knew about it were aware of it for but the most untrue reasons. The year was full of tension and scandal, culminating in the world’s biggest Bitcoin marketplace, Mt. Gox, and its collapse into bankruptcy following a string of hacks, scams, and events that resulted in hundreds of millions worth of Bitcoins vanishing. In the past, there was a pub located in New York City that accepted Bitcoin as well as a handful of restaurants and car services, but there were hardly any other big companies that did — with the exception of two.

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