Living in Victoria BC: What to Expect

Did you know that Victoria, British Columbia was voted the second-best small city to live in and is one of the top 15 friendliest cities in the world? Its warm and friendly residents are matched by a mild, temperate climate that allows inhabitants year-round opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. Located on the tip of Vancouver Island, it has fantastic amenities, hospitals, and universities, too.

With all these benefits and more, it’s no surprise that people are flocking to Victoria. Are you considering moving there? If so, learn more about living in Victoria BC with this handy guide. 

Job Opportunities

Because Victoria is the capital city of the province of British Columbia, it offers many job opportunities in the government sector. It’s also a top tourism destination, making work in the hospitality industry plentiful. You can likewise search for employment in technology and other business areas. 

Victoria BC Weather

If you are thinking about moving to Victoria, one of the key considerations is the weather. It has a very mild climate, and the temperature rarely goes below freezing in the winter. Victoria gets 2,183 hours of sunshine every year, and the summers there aren’t too hot thanks to its ocean breezes.

Old-World Charm

Named after Queen Victoria of Britain, the city of Victoria lives up to its namesake with its old-world British charm. There are many historic buildings that give it a fairy-tale vibe, and the popular ritual of afternoon tea served at establishments in the city adds to that. 

Natural Beauty

Whether looking at the endless ocean vistas or cultivated parks, Victoria has a lot of natural beauty. It is famous for its gardens and cherry blossom season. And there are hiking, kayaking, swimming, surfing, and other nature opportunities in the surrounding areas that are a short drive away. 

Quality of Life

If you were wondering where to live in Canada for a good quality of life, Victoria is outstanding. It is one of the most walkable and bike-friendly cities in all of Canada. Residents enjoy a broad mix of cultural offerings, world-class dining, and many festivals and entertainment opportunities. 

Living in Victoria BC

Finally, it’s important to think about where you want to live in Victoria. Do your research to find out what kind of housing you can afford, and whether you should rent or buy. Check out these houses for sale in order to get a better idea of the real estate market. 

Ready To Move to Victoria?

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of living in Victoria BC, you can make an informed decision about whether it is a match for you. If possible, try to visit the city first in order to see it for yourself. Explore neighborhoods, visit museums and other attractions, and get a feel for the area in order to determine if it’s somewhere you could call home. 

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