List of Top Abroad Offshore Companies

Global companies are offshoring their business operations in developing countries like China, India, and the Philippines. Do you want to know why? This is because labor in these countries is cheap. The business operations that they are offshoring are our customer support, software development, and manufacturing.

Offshore business operations in other countries also help the developed countries in identifying the business opportunities in less privileged countries. Just like subsidiaries, offshore companies face the problem of communication.

To mitigate the communication barrier, they take the assistance of professional translation services. Offshoring companies can perform because they communicate with the internal and external customers in a language that they understand.

Let’s have a look at a list of abroad Offshore companies that are operating successfully around the globe.


Google has a total of 135,000 employees working. This giant company is still offshoring operations abroad. It is offshoring its business because of two reasons. One is that they can hire talent which is not available in-house.

Secondly, they can complete all their tasks on time. You will be surprised to know that Google is one of the biggest US companies that is offshoring its operations to the Philippines.

Off course, it can operate successfully from the Philippines with the help of professional Filipino translation services. Google started its outsourcing journey in 2011 when it offshore 1,000 AdWords support positions throughout the world with the assistance of call centers.

Google decided to outsource additional IT jobs in 2016. According to the study by Bloomberg, the number of offshore employees in Google has exceeded in-house employees.


Amazon is one of the largest retailers in the world. This retailer has also gone for offshoring. Amazon offshored its call center services to South Africa. Moreover, as an e-commerce giant, Amazon has also opened a contact center in Cape Town which is a city in South Africa.

Amazon selected South Africa because its time zones are affiliated to European time and it easily gets connected to the US during night hours. Amazon also opened a call center in Cebu which is a city in the Philippines.

With the help of Filipino translation services, this contact center offers services to UK and North American customers.  Amazon has only off-source customer services but it is also outsourcing research and development to Ukraine.


Ford is one of the global automotive manufacturing industries. It is also taking leverage from offshoring. This is because manufacturing costs in Michigan have increased. Therefore, Ford has also started its manufacturing activities in Mexico and outsourced manufacturing production to China.

In addition to it, Ford has also outsourced back-office operations like customer support and IT services to other countries. Its production plants are also working in Thailand, China, France, and Brazil because of cheap labor.

For successful operations in Thailand, Ford is taking the assistance of professional Thai translation services. Similarly in other countries translation is required to speak with the customers in the language that they understand.


Samsung is also going for offshoring to reduce in-house jobs and to cut down prices. Samsung has offshored its productions to nations like the United States which is also its major client. It also spent $500 million on the Austin semiconductor factory in Texas in 2005.

Samsung used to keep everything about cell phones confidential. However, it drastically changed its perspective when one of the South Korean companies started outsourcing.

Smartphone production is also massively done in India. For better customer support for Australian Samsung mobile users, customer services are outsourced to the Philippines.


Microsoft is the company that has revolutionized the software industry. This company is also not behind offshoring the services. Microsoft had signed a three-year contract with Infosys which is an Indian IT multinational company.

In this agreement, they decided to offshore the services like database administration, software application, and development. Through this agreement, they can help the IT clients to take leverage of Microsoft technologies.

American Express

This multinational company is offshoring its services for decades. American Express is the first company that came up with the concept of back-office operations in other countries.  Its offices are spread in more than 40 countries.

In addition to it, Amex is another American company that is offshoring back-office tasks. This company grew in the Philippines and is famous there.

Amex is providing outsource activities in the Philippines for payment card business and international travel. Its business operations include call center services, vendor management services, and technical support and program management.


Telstra is the largest telecommunication company in Australia. It has moved its call center operations to the Philippines. This act of Telstra cut jobs across Australia.

All the customer services to Telstra accounts are provided by the call centers that are operating from the Philippines. Philippines call center employs competent employees to provide the best customer services to Telstra clients.

Wrapping Up

For the success of the offshore business, you need to communicate with them in a language that they understand. For example, if you want to offshore your business to Thailand then you must go for Thai translation services.

For taking the proper leverage of offshore operations, you must hire a professional translation company that provides you with seamless translation services and makes your offshore operations easy.




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