List of Caltech Bootcamps

The Caltech Center for Technology and Management Education (CTME) now offers various post-graduate programs online to help people gain in-demand skills and succeed in today’s competitive world. With the growing adoption of online learning worldwide, the Caltech online Bootcamp helps professionals upskill themselves in the comfort of their homes. The learners will get the benefit of the academic excellence of Caltech CTME along with the applied learning delivery model. 

The DevOps Bootcamp

Currently, these Caltech Bootcamps are offered in three categories – DevOps, Cloud Computing, and Software Development. The DevOps Bootcamp is a 9-months intensive training course that makes learners familiar with the DevOps methodology, continuous integration, continuous delivery, containerization, source control, configuration management, and many other concepts. The program is designed for technical project managers, system administrators, software developers, cloud and deployment engineers, and other related job roles. 

The Cloud Computing Bootcamp

Caltech CTME next offers the Cloud Computing Bootcamp in collaboration with Microsoft. The program covers two major cloud platforms Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Learners will gain a clear understanding of cloud architecture principles and how to design, plan, and scale advanced cloud implementations. This 12-months Caltech Cloud Computing Bootcamp involves over 40 hands-on projects and sandboxed labs. It is ideal for aspiring cloud consultants, cloud security architects, cloud reliability engineers, DevOps cloud engineers, cloud project managers, and related roles. 

The Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

The Post Graduate Full Stack Web Development Program aims to pave your way towards becoming a software expert in 9 months. This comprehensive program equips individuals with advanced coding techniques and both the front and back end of software development. The top skills included in the program are Hibernate, JPA, DevOps, Javascript ES6, JSP, Servlets, AWS, SOAP, and REST. Those professionals who want to specialize in front-end or back-end or are looking to master cutting-edge web development skills can enroll in this Caltech program. 

Benefits of the Caltech Bootcamp

Industry-specific training from global experts and masterclasses from Caltech CTME instructors make these programs unique from other programs available online. The expert instructors at this institute coach the learner’s talent through the crucial challenges facing their organizations. All these Caltech Bootcamps involve various hands-on projects and sandboxed labs along with capstone projects to help learners demonstrate their skills in front of potential employers. Additionally, one can explore the JobAssist program in partnership with that assists learners in finding new jobs along with services like resume preparation, career mentorship, and access to recruitment drives. It aims to create a job-ready workforce by equipping individuals with industry-specific skills. 

Admission Details

For admission to any of these Caltech Bootcamps, candidates need to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in any discipline with an average of 50% marks or higher. Prior work experience and programming background are not necessary. Interested individuals need to apply through the online application form. There is an admission panel to shortlist the candidates. An offer of admission is made to the selected candidates who then have to pay the program fee to access the course materials. Those who complete the program successfully will be awarded certification by Caltech CTME.   

About Caltech CTME 

The Caltech Center for Technology and Management Education (CTME) is an established science and engineering institute best known for industry-pioneering innovations. It marshals some of the world’s brightest minds and most innovative tools. The institute offers a wide range of certification programs, short courses, and interactive workshops that deliver professional development applied directly to real-life problems. Caltech’s contributions have earned international recognition along with 45 Nobel Prizes and 71 National Medals of Science. The Caltech CTME Graduate Programs span advanced engineering, data analytics, innovation, leadership, project management, technology marketing, and cybersecurity.  

Association of Caltech CTME and Simplilearn 

Simplilearn is the world’s leading online Bootcamp and certification training provider. It offers a wide range of online courses in areas like project management, data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, DevOps, software development, and cyber security. The company boasts of training over 3,000,000 professionals worldwide and imparting them the in-demand skills needed to succeed in the digital economy. The online Bootcamps of Caltech CTME and Simplilearn are designed to help professionals acquire in-demand skills and learn cutting-edge technologies required to succeed in the industry. 

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