Legal Guidelines for Riding an Electric Scooter in Australia

Everybody wants a ride on the fastest electric scooter in Australia, but it’s important to keep up to date with the evolving legal guidelines. As a new field, lawmakers are still getting to grips with the realities of electric scooters. In this guide, you’ll learn the current legal guidelines. Can you ride one in public? Do you need a driver’s license? 

The Legality of Electric Scooters

When researching the laws regarding electric scooters, it’s important to read something that relates to your state. Currently, the laws differ from one state to the next. For example, all states and territories except SA and NSW allow electric scooters on public and private property. If you’re in one of the two mentioned states, you cannot ride an electric scooter in public. 

If you live in a state where electric scooters are allowed, you’ll need to pay attention to the requirements. In Victoria, you cannot use a petrol-powered scooter or one that exceeds 200W. Also, your scooter cannot exceed 10kph. In Tasmania, you’ll need to follow the existing road rules while also wearing an approved helmet. 


Even if helmets weren’t required by law, electric scooter companies and all other relevant organizations recommend wearing one for your own safety. If you were to lose control of your electric scooter in public, you could not only hit your head on the floor but against any other obstacle (this includes a parked vehicle, lamppost, road sign, etc). 

When it comes to the law, Australia is one of a few country that require a full face bike helmet mandatory for the safety of the rider.

Age and Driving Status 

In terms of age, most states don’t allow anybody under the age of 12 to ride an electric scooter if they don’t have adult supervision. Normally, you’ll find that 16 years of age is the minimum limit when it comes to electric scooters. Once again, check your local laws to prevent potentially costly mistakes. 

As time goes on, lawmakers are working with various organizations to run trials for electric scooters. Therefore, the laws could change in the future. 

Another common question with electric scooters is whether you need a driver’s license to ride one. In short, the answer is yes (and this is why those under 16 are now banned from using electric scooters in most states). Naturally, electric scooters on private property are another matter. 

In WA, NT, QLD, and SA, you can ride an electric scooter so long as you have a driving license. On the other hand, additional training is required in NSW, ACT, VIC, and TAS. A normal driving license isn’t enough, and you’ll need to take this extra training. 

If you’re in a state where electric scooters are allowed in public, you’ll need to register your scooter just as you would any other vehicle. In Northern Territory, any electric scooter with a motor or engine requires registration.


As mentioned previously, laws are constantly updated in this area. Unsurprisingly, the penalties for not following the laws vary by state. For example, you could face a fee of over $800 if you break the law in Victoria. Alternatively, the fine in Queensland is considerably smaller at around $130. If you’re in SA, the fine is over $1,200. 

Therefore, you should think carefully about the laws in your state before taking risks. With laws always evolving, keep up to date with them online and always follow the guidelines. 

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