Lawn Care: Are These Pests Killing Your Yard?

Are you struggling with yard maintenance? If you are, that’s understandable. When it comes to lawn care, it’s a challenge to fight against pests and maintain healthy grass. So, what type of critters cause the most damage? 

Well, we’ll answer that question and provide info on how to best handle pests. Just keep reading.

Chinch Bugs

These little pests are most dominant during the summer months. They have a black color and an hourglass shape and usually take over yards in large numbers. They ruin the grass by removing the sap and injecting their saliva while feeding.

 Chinch bugs can create major damage if they’re not taken care of.


Cutworms and armyworms are like big caterpillars. They absolutely love leafy crops and grass. 

In most cases, they’re not a major threat to lawn care—unless they increase in number. When there’s a lot of them in the yard, it’ll lead to serious destruction of your lawn.

White Grubs

Let these things be the larvae of a variety of species related to the scarab beetles. Generally, they have a one-year life cycle. The eggs are laid during the summer, then hatch and feed on the grassroots throughout the fall months.

As temperatures decrease, the grubs go down into the soil in an effort to avoid freezing. When spring comes around, they come back up to feed on the grassroots.

 As a result, white grubs can cause a lot of damage to the root system of the grass and plants. They prevent plants from drawing the proper amount of water from the soil. Ultimately, the entire process makes your plants and grass look horrible.


You’ll notice these bugs emerging in the spring when they lay their eggs in grass plants. Their larvae eat the grass as it grows, which kills it. Once the larvae begin feeding on the grass blades, they hollow out the stems and make the grass turn yellow.

How to Combat Pest Damage in Yards

Your best bet for maintaining healthy grass is calling in a professional pest control service. Lawn maintenance Melbourne will be a lot easier once you do so. When you have multiple critters that could cause damage to your yard, it’s nearly impossible to get a handle on things—especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Therefore, you’ll benefit greatly from hiring the pros. Visit to get a free quote for pest control services in Salt Lake City.

Lawn Care: the Key to Yard Maintenance

As you can see, pests make lawn care quite difficult. But if you want to get rid of them, it’s easiest to call in the professionals. 

You’ll have to do a lot of lawn maintenance if you choose to do it yourself. So, leave it to the experts!

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