Jnb Nivas Kurnool : Administration Pledge for Localised Staying

Subsequently, there are various states over our Indian subcontinent that serve you academics as well as staying accommodations. This is totally done on the system of web-based browser-involved systems. This is particularly made for those people, particularly students who came to study in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh for studying purposes and require places to stay.

One web-oriented page is the JNB Nivas. It is specifically the web page, the official one of Andhra Pradesh linked academic study centers as well as residential places while their ongoing courses on the basis and the objective criterion pertained by the Jnana Bhumi scholarahip website. Whether in the same place to always stay logged in in this portal, you will have to prepare and pave the entry place or also browse through this web page, jnbnivas.ap.gov.in

How to log in Jnb Nivas?

The pertaining steps you should encounter are as follows :

  • First and foremost, you will have to browse the professional website linked that is namely https://jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in
  • The second step or procedure is to click on the Nivas login option staying on the same web page associated. 
  • Then, you need to provide all your needed information in the portal which has been restructured. Place all your Aadhar numbers that should be added with your provided password. 
  • For the reason of the safe and security purposes, you will need to finish up a verification procedure which will keep the same safe from any sort of fraudulent purposes. 
  • If you finish all the above steps, you are totally prepared for the login procedure. You will have to click on the option of login and then move forward by the resulting linked site that opens up. 
  • So, basically till this step, you are all done, so now you can browse and take the fun of the services and also go for the discovery purposes of the services initiated by the web page. You should keep up with your profile that is owned by you and implement it to the fullest. 

Login criteria (in brief) :

  • Surf the official web page connected to the same platform, that is https://jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in
  • Then you will log in through the same. 
  • Provide all the online details that are being asked from you to provide which typically is served solely by them. 
  • Click on the implemented and tested alternative showing on the screen named login. 
  • There exists various relaxations for certain services, like if you cannot recall your password provided by them, at the time of creation, then you can just access the option or alternative for forgotten password. They will surf with a link.
  • You will need your valid customer ID as part of your documentary credential to log in and your cell phone number that is associated with the platform. 
  • Moving, they will provide you a link, which you will receive and you will be asked to reset your password and retype your newly formed password again. 
  • All these are to be done from your registered mobile number and then you are all set with your newly formed password. 


  • Stay updated: The recent study-based trends brought in by the Kurnool government will be updated to you before the time the scheme is launched so that you can easily access the same with much ease. 
  • When you are already made and logged in, you will gain the potential to discover services that are amazing, such as scholarship schemes, residential staying places, attendance, outputs, admissions, transcripts, payment guidelines, and many more such facilities. 

Conclusion :

The learners can take the benefits of this site to the fullest. They can know their attendance, fee details, transportation services, and other things related to the staff, and the learners. You will no longer need to worry about how to go away from home and study and feel good, Jnb Nivas Kurnool has got it all wrapped up for you.

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