Is community service a good career?

A career in community services can be fulfilling, dealing with vulnerable people and being an agent of social change within a growing industry. Being the most in-demand job in Australia right now, it allows you to work in various fields with a flexible approach. Embarking on a career as a community service worker can be hugely fulfilling as it benefits your community and can be highly rewarding, especially if you love helping others. In this profession, you need to support people to make positive changes in their lives by focusing on improving natural conditions, providing emergency housing, providing nourishment to people in need, counseling, or distributing items for people in need as relief.

Suppose you’re the kind of person who is passionate and wants to help people enact positive changes in their lives. In that case, there’s never been a better time for you to pursue a rewarding career or employment like community support work. Undoubtedly, it will give a sense of achievement that you are helping people and improving a certain area through different non-profit and community organizations. So, let us get in-depth and look for valid reasons to embark on or consider the path of community service as a career.

  1. You can make a positive impact

Being a community support worker can empower others, especially those struggling in some area of life. You get the opportunity to impact the welfare of vulnerable people, build better lives and help them live fuller lives. The results of your hard work may not be immediately obvious, but uplifting the community can infuse a sense of purpose and lead you to a more positive outlook in life. This factor minimizes your stress and depression and gives you a sense of pride and identity.

  1. You can qualify for different roles

Unlike the 9 – 5 jobs, working in a community service field can provide you to perform various roles in different sectors. It also lets you move to another job or area, as community service jobs are often highly collaborative, giving employees a huge selection of client areas to work in. From volunteering in environmental services to being an efficient carer for old, disabled, and small children, you can even outreach as an emergency relief provider to Housing and community development in charge.

  1. You can work at different locations

Community service allows you to work at different locations with different cultural groups. There are varied organizations that offer many community service programs. As a community service provider, you can network with them and pursue opportunities to explore the different areas of community service at different locations. You need to be eligible with a certificate 3 in community services and earn experience to work in this nationwide demand.

  1. You can have flexible hours

Community service jobs across the country are in demand, and with many options, the employees get flexible hours to work that fit their schedules. If you are keen to adopt community services as a career, you can likely find permanent or full-time work opportunities. While this service demands 24/7 roles, you can choose from different shifts and work the hours that suit you.

  1. You can build useful skills

Recruitment in community services is quite easy as their basic need is to perform dedicated tasks throughout their shifts. So, for whoever is eligible with soft skills and has a passion for serving people, community care services let you explore your interests and help develop key life skills. You have an opportunity to learn exponentially and build skills like time management, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. 

  1. You can raise awareness of important issues

By working as a community service worker, not only do you get educational exposure to the issues of social justice, but you can advocate for the people who are unable to fight for themselves. You get to discover where your passions lie while serving people and fighting for your client’s rights by using your voice. In this way, you can truly create a difference and be a part of making a change in the system. 

Bottom Line

So, by now, you must have understood that working in community services in Australia means it is important to equip yourself with essential knowledge with the Diploma of Community Services. You get the freedom and flexibility of online study to enhance your social responsibility skills to become a compassionate worker. Make a difference to the organizations and people by being a carer and uplifting vulnerable people in your community with your role as a community service worker. While challenging, it can give personal fulfillment and positively impact many lives.

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