Is a Laptop or Desktop Better for Gaming?

If you’re new to gaming or are simply thinking of upgrading your current gaming system, you may be wondering if you should purchase a desktop or a laptop. While some of this is down to personal preference, there are lots of considerations you should think about before handing over your money. This article will explore some of those things so you can make the best choice for you.


If you travel a lot, or you are purchasing a gaming PC for a youngster who stays at friends/relatives’ houses from time to time, then a laptop is going to be more transportable. Being able to throw your cable and computer into a laptop bag and know you have everything you need is a wonderful thing. 

However, laptops are not as robust as desktops and with the addition of movement, having a laptop as opposed to a desktop may lead to damage, which isn’t great with expensive items such as these. For some people, even if they don’t plan on traveling with the machine, a laptop is simply more convenient in terms of space saving, so if you only have a small space for your gaming, then a laptop could still be a better option for you. 


Laptops nowadays can pack a punch, and you will find that a high-end gaming laptop will have better specs than a low-end desktop. However, desktops have more room inside, which means more space for additional memory, processors, RAM, etc. So, generally speaking, a desktop is going to be a better option for power draining tasks such as gaming.

You’re also going to have a lot more choice and be able to upgrade your computer much easier if you opt for a desktop. has a great choice of gaming towers which range from lower spec machines to really hardcore gaming computers. Try to get the best PC you can afford, as this will future proof you having to add additional components or replace the machine altogether in the future.

The processor is the most important component when it comes to gaming computers.  While you can purchase computers that have a simple dual-core system cheaply, this would not suffice for gaming. You will need at least a quad-core system, and ideally 6 to get a truly seamless gaming experience. 

Other Considerations

Laptops are more inclined to overheat than desktops. This is largely due to the fact that all of their components are packed into a much tighter space and the fans are not as large. Overheating for a computer can be disastrous, and so this is something else you should consider when deciding on a laptop or a desktop. 

Choosing a laptop or a desktop for your gaming is difficult; it can depend on the need to have mobility or budget. However, generally, if you don’t need to move around with your system, a desktop option is going to be far better than a laptop in terms of technology, overheating, and power. 

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