Involved in a Motorcycle Accident? 5 Steps to Take Immediately

Motorcycles are pretty fun to ride, but they’re also pretty dangerous. In fact, in 2019, motorcycle crashes accounted for about 14% of all traffic-related deaths.

If you’re lucky to get out alive after a motorcycle accident, it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your legal rights. Today, we’ll be highlighting a few steps to take after being involved in a motorcycle accident.

Step 1: Seek Medical Attention

As the saying goes, better safe than sorry. The first thing to do after an accident is to seek prompt medical attention. It doesn’t matter how minor you think your injuries are.

Call the paramedics so you can receive first aid treatment for your injuries. If you don’t have a phone, borrow one from a bystander and call for medical help.

Step 2: Call the Police

Law enforcement will document the accident scene and collect statements from witnesses, which you can use as evidence later on. They also secure the accident site to prevent any more accidents.

If there’s significant damage to your motorcycle or property, be sure to file a police report. This report will contain your and the other party’s contact information, plus details on how the accident happened. It culminates in a conclusion as to who was at fault.

Step 3: Take Photographs of the Motorcycle Accident

This is where having a phone comes in handy. If you have a camera on your phone, take pictures of the motorcycle damage, the road conditions, and any injuries you may have suffered.

It’s also important to collect contact information from witnesses who can attest to what happened. That way, you’ll have people to back up your story in court, if it comes to that.

Step 4: Obtain Contact Information From the Other Driver

You’ll need to get the other driver’s name, phone number, insurance company, and policy number. It’s best to get this information from the other driver directly so there’s no confusion later on. If you don’t, you may never be able to find the other driver again.

Calling the police early on will make it harder for the other driver to flee the scene. It’s not uncommon for other drivers to flee the scene and disappear forever.

Step 5: Call an Attorney

The final step is to call an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. Motorcycle accident cases can get complicated, and it’s important that you have someone who knows the ins and outs of the legal system.

The attorney will investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident, gather evidence, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. They’re your only hope of getting fair compensation from the other party’s insurer.

Only settle for a reputable attorney like the ones at That way, you have a better chance of winning a proper settlement.

Protect Your Safety and Legal Rights

Now that you know what to do after a motorcycle accident, our work here is done. What you do after a motorcycle is crucial to you getting a fair settlement. Follow the above steps to the letter, and you’ll be in the clear.

Don’t forget to hire a reputable attorney to help you navigate the convoluted legalities of filing insurance claims.

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