Innovative Tile Solutions with Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles have become an absolute game-changer in the interior design world, allowing for more innovative and exciting floor and wall solutions to be achieved in a wondrously low maintenance finish. These hard-wearing and impressively durable tile collections can be used to replicate a vast range of materials and textures, from timber look tiles to concrete options and even natural stones such as marble or granite. There are many exciting options to consider, each with its own exciting range of colours and textures to choose from that will help you create that perfect finishing touch in your next interior design project.

What are Porcelain Tiles?

Porcelain tiles are in essence a variation of the traditional ceramic tile. The difference between these two popular options is however that porcelain tiles are baked at significantly higher temperatures and are often thicker and therefore stronger than ceramic tiles. Where ceramic tiles are often restricted to wall applications only due to their lightweight nature, porcelain tiles can usually be used as a floor tile as well. This of course depends on the specific tile’s surface finish; porcelain tiles that feature an uneven surface finish may pose a trip hazard if used as a flooring solution so it is always recommended to seek out the manufacturer’s recommended usage for your selected tiles before making a purchase. 

Timber Look Tiles

Timber look tiles are an incredibly realistic alternative solution to natural timbers. Made of hard-wearing porcelain, timber look tile collections will show the same variations in colour, tone and even texture as you would expect from natural timber. They can be found in a wide variety of styles from rustic, whitewashed or recycled timber look styles to classic parquetry options and of course, simple, modern timber plank tile options as well. Timber look tiles can be used in many different ways; they can be used to create a rustic, sauna-like feel in the bathroom where traditional timber is most often avoided. They can even be used in outdoor areas such as alfresco spaces, patios and pathways as an alternative solution to traditional timber decking, providing a low maintenance option that will never require sanding, sealing or polishing throughout its lifespan. 

Timber look tiles offer a realistic representation of natural timber. These hard-wearing tiles can be used in all sorts of areas including the bathroom, kitchen and even outdoor spaces for a flexible and versatile floor tiles solution that is simple to maintain and clean.

Natural Stone Look Tiles

Natural stone tiles that are made of marble, limestone, granite or slate, for example, are porous in nature which means that they will require sealing at regular intervals in order to ensure they do not absorb liquids or dirt. Of course, these tiles can usually be professionally restored however this can be a time consuming and costly process. Natural stone-look tiles however do not require the same attention, as the material is virtually non-porous and will never require sealing. Porcelain tiles are available in a wide selection of options that are specifically designed to simulate the look and feel of natural stones. You will notice unique variations in colour, texture and veining that offer a hyper-realistic look for your next interior design project. These tiles are also available in a wide selection of finishes, from sleek, glossy tile finishes to matte or even textured tile solutions allowing you the freedom to create the exact look you want to achieve in your home. 


Natural stone-look tiles offer low maintenance and cost-effective choice for the home. Made of non-porous porcelain, these tiles will not stain or discolour as readily as an authentic natural stone would and will never require sealing at any time throughout their lifespan.

Terrazzo, Concrete & Encaustic Look Tiles

Concrete has long been a favourite choice when it comes to creating durable and hard-wearing tiles thanks to its strong and long-lasting characteristics. Similar to natural stone tiles, however, concrete tiles are also porous and therefore require sealing in order to prevent dirt or liquid spills from staining the material. The sealing process is usually completed at the installation of the tiles and then every few years thereafter for good maintenance. Concrete tiles are available in a wide range of variations, from terrazzo tiles that use bits and pieces of natural stone or coloured glass that is embedded into a large concrete tile, simple and modern concrete slab tiles and the classic encaustic tiles. Encaustic tiles dominated Victorian-era architecture thanks to their dusty colour options and intricate, repetitive patterns. These tiles continue to be a favourite choice for all areas of the home, providing vivid bursts of colour and pattern in our interiors.

Modern porcelain tiles collections can be found in designs that use inkjet technology to print patterns directly onto the tile’s surfaces, creating unique and stylish options that offer the same look and feel as traditional encaustic tiles.

Once again, all of these stunning concrete tile options have been recreated using durable porcelain, offering a low maintenance solution that gives you the same look and feels as traditional concrete tiles without the need for sealing or risk of permanent marking or staining. From porcelain terrazzo look tiles to modern concrete slab options that are made entirely out of hard-wearing porcelain, the possibilities are endless! You will also find many porcelain collections that display a stunningly realistic representation of traditional encaustic tiles, paving the way for modern designs and patterns to be achieved. These tiles can be found in options that replicate traditional encaustic tile patterns as well as more modern options that can be used in contemporary styled projects, offering a versatile design solution that will fill your home with vivid colours and stunning patterns.

From timber look tiles to natural stone looks and concrete lookalike options, porcelain tiles are available in a vast range of innovative options that allow the use of these often high maintenance materials in a wider variety of applications from indoor to outdoor spaces alike for a long-lasting and high-quality finish. 

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