How to write a social studies essay?

The essay is an important part of the Unified State Exam in social studies. To get a high score, you need a strong theoretical base on the subject, reading, observation, the ability to analyze, as well as express your thoughts on paper. We have prepared some tips to help you prepare for this task. As a student, I had difficulties with this kind of essay, so I preferred to write a paper for me at WritingAPAper online. Professional writers can aid you in writing any kind of essay.

Task description

The task is that the examinee needs to write a mini-essay based on one of the proposed statements. Each statement correlates with a certain block from social studies. The corresponding block is indicated opposite the quote, it can be sociology, political science, economics, philosophy, law.

When revealing the topic, it is necessary to operate with concepts, terms, categories of the block to which the selected statement belongs.

The structure of the essay on social studies

The essay writing algorithm includes mandatory elements and stages, the implementation of which will help to get the highest score:

  • main quote;
  • disclosure of the essence of the statement;
  • own view on the disclosed problem;
  • theoretical argumentation;
  • practical argumentation;
  • conclusion.

It is worth starting with a competent selection of statements. Perhaps you have a “favorite” block, then choose a quote from it. If not, or the quote does not allow you to fully show your knowledge, then it is more convenient to choose as follows: choose several suitable terms for each of the statements and stop at the one to which it was easier to do.

Next, you should clearly describe the problem and its relevance, reveal the main idea of the statement, your attitude to it, show whether you agree with the author or not, why. This is the main condition for successful essay writing, since if there are 0 points for this item, then for all essays too. 

We remind you that to explain the idea means to determine exactly what the author of the quote wanted to say.

From the ideas that you have described, you need to formulate several theoretical judgments (at least 2), describing them with appropriate scientific terms and concepts. At this point, you must demonstrate your theoretical base on the subject, so try to remember the appropriate definitions, functions, characteristics.

After the theoretical argumentation has been completed, it is necessary to back up everything written earlier with practical examples. The sources for this can be works of art and literature, history, examples from public life, as well as a personal social experiences. It is important to remember that the actual arguments must be from different sources, that is, if you have described your life experience, then you should use a historical summary as an example.

The output summarizes the entire written text. It should be written that the examples and arguments used help to understand the essence of the statement, and here you should retell the quote in your own words to once again show that you understood what the author said.

Principles for writing an essay

Recall the main points that should be kept in focus when writing an essay:

semantic unity — each sentence should be connected with the previous one, you can not switch abruptly from topic to topic;

use proved facts and clear terminology — use only those concepts and facts that you are sure of, if you refer to a fact with an error, you may not only not get a score, but also withdraw it;

do not be distracted from a given topic — the idea should be disclosed fully and in detail, while keeping the main idea in focus, for this it is better to make a plan and follow it;

to explain judgments and conclusions — every idea needs to be confirmed both theoretically and practically;

quotes and examples confirming what has been written — the argumentation should correspond to your statements, not contradict them, but convince you of the correctness.

Essay evaluation criteria in 2022

The essay is evaluated according to four criteria, for meeting these requirements, you can get a maximum of 6 points.

The first criterion is the disclosure of the meaning of the statement. That is, in the quote you should find an idea that is related to the course, as well as highlight your finished idea, which will then need to be justified. If there are 0 points according to this criterion, then 0 is given for all essays.

The second criterion is the theoretical justification of the idea. The use of terms, concepts, theories that are directly related to the expressed thought. The theoretical content of your essay should form a single chain of reasoning.

The third criterion is the correct use of concepts, theoretical propositions, reasoning, and conclusions. The score is given for the fact that there are no errors in surnames, terms, theories.

The fourth criterion is the quality of the facts and examples given. The examples given should be directly related to the theses put forward, as well as be detailed, detailed, and understandable.

Cliche phrases to use in an essay

Use templates and cliche phrases in your essay. It is better to spend time describing the problem or argumentation than trying to formulate a phrase more beautifully.

Phrases for the formulation of the problem of the statement

the author wanted to convey the idea that …

the meaning of the above statement is …

the author draws attention to …

the relevance of the raised problem is…

Phrases for expressing one’s position

it is impossible not to agree with the author of this statement …

I agree with the author that …

I adhere to the point of view…

in my opinion, the statement reflects…

Phrases for argumentation

let’s turn to the theoretical meaning of the statement/examples from history …

this statement is based on …

to substantiate this statement …

the facts of public life say…

Phrases for formulating a conclusion

this way …

therefore …

in conclusion, it can be concluded …

based on the above, it can be argued…

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