How To Whip Like A Pro?

If you are interested in becoming a good cook, baker or simply enjoy creating meals in the kitchen, there are certain things that you should be able to do. Chances are that you have already mastered the technique to make fluffy bread, delicious sauces or home-made ice cream, but here is the truth: if you don’t know how to make a high-quality whipped cream, you are really missing out, in fact, this might be the element that can take your cooking experience to the next level. Once you learnt how to make the tasty whipped cream like a pro, you will gain much more confidence when it comes to using your creativity while cooking, baking or preparing any kind of edible delicatessen, If you are interested in learning the best whipping techniques and are willing to put in the effort, we have great news, it not really that hard!

The benefits of being able to make your own whipped cream

Whether you want to enhance your regular American coffee with a sweet, creamy touch, or even pair your baking skills with a great decoration by making heavenly brownies for your loved ones, you will enjoy this process much more if you are able to make the whipped cream by yourself, and you can actually take advantage of this time to share a nice activity with your family, by decorating desserts together. Keep in mind that you can add an endless variety of flavours, and colours and even add sparks or a touch of alcohol to your whipped cream. As you can see, there is no limit and it all comes down to your imagination. So, take the chance to start trying new things and remember to always have fun while doing it. With practice and a little bit of patience, you will master the whipping technique in no time.

The old-fashioned techniques vs using a whipper

Probably you have listened to your mom or aunt talking about the old-fashioned way to prepare whipped cream, and maybe you have even tried it yourself at some point. If you have experienced this process, you know that it was necessary to have a significant strong arm and a good energy level, because whipping cream with a whisker and manual force was not an easy or simple process. In fact, we can consider this method as an art, and depending on factors like the tool used, the temperature and pressure, the results could vary a lot, meaning that it was quite hard to obtain the desired consistency.

Step by step process

Nowadays, you just need to take your whipped cream dispenser and fill the bottle with heavy cream plus any other supplements, such as colour or flavours. Then you simply insert the charger in the holder and screw it (you should expect to hear the gas coming out of the canister once you do it). Finally, you just need to shake it and let the magic begin, by enhancing all your culinary creations with a good portion of whipped cream. As you can see this is a really simple process that you will master very quickly.

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