How to Teach Math to Your Child: A Simple Guide

In a recent report related to education, the U.S. ranked 31st in math out of one hundred countries. That means that children are having more problems understanding math than in other countries. The main issue stems from schools failing to teach math effectively.

Does your child struggle learning math? If so, today, we’ll help you learn how to teach math, and in turn, you’ll be able to help your child solve any math problem.

Bake Cookies Together

Teaching math needs to be something fun and interactive. That’s why baking cookies can help your child learn math. How?

If you want to teach the basics, you can have them count the number of cookies you made, and after eating one, ask how many are left. And, if you want to teach them something more advance like fractions, all you need is a knife.

With the knife, cut a cookie into eighths, fourths, or halves. By visually showing them what fractions are, you can expect your child to understand them more clearly. You can also take it a step further and create math problems with the cookies, and the reward for solving them is the cookie!

Use Math Worksheets

Sometimes, a child has problems learning math because they don’t practice what they learn. That’s why giving them math worksheets can reinforce what they’ve learned at school. Of course, you should look for math worksheets that are fun and simple to do since you don’t want your child to feel even more frustrated.

For example, if you know they just learned about division, you can print some worksheets for division. Just be sure not to give them too many worksheets since that’ll stress them out more.

Let Your Child Teach You

It’s not always easy to figure out what your child doesn’t understand about math. So, one way you can figure it out is by having them teach you a certain aspect of math. Then, as they teach you, you can remember or jot down the areas where they struggled in teaching.

Afterward, you can prepare some math worksheets or math problems to aid them. Try not to correct them on the spot since that may make them feel embarrassed.

Make a Game Out of It

Perhaps the most effective way of teaching math is by making a game out of it. That way, your child will have fun while learning math. If you aren’t too artsy, you can always purchase one online or at a store.

Learn How to Teach Math the Easy Way

Helping a child with homework, especially math homework, can be challenging but not impossible! And once you learn how to teach math effectively, it’ll be even easier. So, be sure to keep this post bookmarked, and start teaching your child math the right way!

What math teaching tips do you have? Let us know in the comment section below! And if you want more effective teaching tips, be sure to check out our other articles!


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