How To Recognise The Signs Of Depression?

When it comes to anxiety and depression, it is a healthy emotion when felt occasionally. Many people get worried about if they feel anxiety sometimes; there is no need to worry. Anxiety is an essential thing that keeps us developing. Anxiety can affect our own as well as our family’s life very badly; it can give rise to many physical and mental diseases such as schizophrenia and heart stroke etc. Anxiety can be of different types and intensities. Anxiety occurs due to stress load and negative thinking.

There can be different signs for different anxiety patients. Below are the signs of depression and anxiety. You few minutes of reading can result useful for you.

  • The heart rate increases which can lead to heart stroke or high blood pressure.
  • Restlessness, by which a person cannot work effectively.
  • The body starts sweating in worse cases.
  • A person becomes more sensitive regarding their environment
  • In anxiety and depression, headaches and migraine is very common
  • A person cannot have deep sleep.
  • Depressed mood all day.
  • A person becomes more arrogant and aggressive towards everything
  • A person losses their calmness
  • Concentrating on a thing becomes very difficult

A person is said to be in major depression if shows more than 4 signs of the above. You can diagnose any of your friends or family members by just knowing a few points. You must ask your friend to see a doctor if you see more than 4 above signs. Treating it late can lead to severe mental and physical diseases. You don’t have to be a doctor to see if someone near you has got depression.

The above-discussed sign is very common and seen in Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). It can be treated using different practices such as CBT, Exposure therapy and Yoga, etc. Using medication for GAD is not recommended by most doctors. You may have some medication if you have got your case to worsen. But experts have recommended a natural treatment plan for generalized anxiety disorder without any consumption of medications.

  • There can be several causes of becoming a GAD victim which is as follow:
  • Environmental Stress in offices and crowded places, Emotional or family issues,
  • Anxiety disorder can also be inherited in genetic.
  • If a person uses any drug or alcohol, as it exaggerates the effect of anxiety and depression
  • Many scientists believe that it is caused due to disorder in brain hormones.

To treat anxiety disorder proper counseling and treatment are crucial. You must plan some holidays, as it can be a very effective way. You may have heard of psychotherapy, it is a special type of counseling in which patients have counseled accordingly the severity of their anxiety disorder. CBT one of these therapies is very effective. Most patients successfully get rid of anxiety and depression.

CBT is a slow-speed but effective treatment. In most cases, no medications are used during this therapy. You must find a good CBT center near you. In just a few weeks, you will see a noticeable difference. We hope this article has helped you know a bit more about anxiety.


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