How to Prevent Getting Laid Off

It doesn’t matter whether you have just gotten your dream job or whether you have been working in the same industry for some time; one of the biggest fears that you might have as an employee is getting laid off. 

That said, if you want to avoid getting laid off or at least decrease the chances of getting laid off, you will have to prove your value to the company to ensure that they know what you are doing and how you are contributing to its growth.

Here are some tips to help you decrease the chances of getting laid off. 

Demonstrate Your Value

At the time you were hired, you had something of value to offer to the company. So, after the company welcomes you onboard, you will want to keep looking for opportunities where you can exhibit your skills and knowledge. 

The best way to do so is to prioritize handling sensitive tasks, as it will impact the company’s bottom line most. Also, you will significantly reduce the potential chances of getting fired. 

Bring Your Accomplishments to Light

Another way to reduce the chances of getting laid off is by bringing your contributions and accomplishments to light. Never make the mistake of assuming that your employer or the executives know about your accomplishments and how you contribute to your company’s growth.

Don’t feel shy about regularly updating your boss and managers about your progress. You can prepare reports, including the financial aspects, saving costs and boosting revenue, and any other way you might have benefited the company.

When you receive compliments from your employees, you will want to put everything in writing so that you can share the positive feedback with your supervisors. 

What to do When You Get Laid Off?

If you get laid off, you might get severance pay. While severance isn’t legally required in most situations, it is mostly because the company wants to reduce its liability if you are being offered a severance package. 

Suppose your employer lays you off in a way that it is a dismissal without a solid reason. The employer will typically present you with a form of settlement, a severance package. This package will provide the details of how much you are entitled to regarding the money amount, benefits, unused vacations, etc. 

If this occurs, your best option would be to go to a lawyer who deals with the severance dispute and can logically review the severance package regarding your employment history. Many people make the mistake of accepting the severance package, believing that they cannot afford the legal fees of a lawyer.

However, a lawyer needs to review your case and the severance package to ensure you are duly compensated in connection with your employment history. If the lawyer feels that you aren’t being duly compensated, they will take up your case to negotiate your severance package with your employer or their lawyer. 

While there is no set amount that one can get, a good severance package is about two to four weeks of pay for every year of service. 

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