How to prepare for IELTS speaking introduction questions?

Understanding the IELTS speaking test format can seem to be a bit overwhelming, as many students do not seem to know what to expect out of it.

Enrolling on an English language course in Singapore can help you prepare for the IELTS speaking test by participating in mark examinations that come along with expert feedback.

This article is the ultimate guide for aspirants who are looking to obtain the highest grade in the IELTS speaking test and the several prospects that qualifying for an IELTS examination can bring to you.

Keep reading to find out how selecting an IELTS Singapore English language course can help you find out the marking structure of the upcoming examination and frame your answers according to what the examiners desire.

Understand the format of the IELTS speaking test

The IELTS speaking test lasts between 11 to 14 minutes in total, with four to five minutes dedicated to each section of the examination and 1 to 2 minutes provided for preparing on the topic.

Figure out what the examiner expects

You need to analyse how the entire speaking test is marked based on your pronunciation, graphical range and accuracy, lexical resource, fluency, and coherence.

Will be marked on a 9-band scale with each criterion counting towards 25% of your marks.

Determine your current band

IELTS course in Singapore can help you identify your current level of speaking in English and suggest potential recommendations for improvement or establishing your desired score in the final test.

Make a timeline and set your target

Undergoing professional English learning goals from Singapore will help you set aside quality time for focusing only on your IELTS examination, as well as help you set realistic targets when it comes to improving your English-speaking skills.

Make a study plan

Joining an IELTS programme in London can help you prepare for your examination from the comfort of your home by providing you with a flexible study plan that you can follow easily beside your personal and professional responsibilities.

Extend your answers

One of the best ways to get good grades in your speaking test is to provide your examiner with long answers, explaining in detail the sentences spoken and giving real-life examples.

Apply for an English course in Singapore and figure out what band score you are at right now and the skills you need to gain to improve and set your target.

Practise every day alongside a diverse student base and improve your grammar and vocabulary by listening to others speaking.

Being part of an international learning programme will make it easier for you to find a speaking partner, someone over the internet or amongst your friends and family member.

Shorten the time required to collect your IELTS qualification by taking professional mock tests and securing the much-needed competitive advantage!

Browse through our website and apply to the programme today.

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