How to Prepare for Home Renovations

Renovation season is almost upon us, and many are looking forward to what their homes will look like when the project is over. Maybe you’re excited to cook your first meal or can’t wait for your new flooring. But one thing many homeowners forget about until the last minute is preparing for the renovation.

Home renovations can be major or minor projects, but they can all take their toll on your home and yourself. Read through these tips so you can be ready for your next big project.

Check with a Professional

If you’re planning a remodel or renovation with the idea of increasing your home’s value before you sell it, be sure you consult with your real estate agent, like the team at Shawn Lepp Group. Consulting with your realtor who has deep knowledge of the local real estate market will help ensure you spend your renovation dollars on the projects that will get you the best return on your investment.

Prepare Mentally

It will get messy. Things will go wrong. Acknowledging those things and preparing for them will help you handle the difficult moments when they come up. Major renovations will disrupt your life. There’s usually a moment in the process when your house has been ripped up, and you begin to wonder whether it’s possible for your home ever to be put back together again.

Take Away What You Can

If you’ve been thinking about getting rid of any of your belongings and doing some decluttering, now is a perfect time. There’s no point holding on to anything you aren’t going to want after the renovation. Tidy up what’s left and pack whatever you don’t need at hand during the renovation. This helps to keep items safe and clean throughout the renovation process.

Think About Replacements

If you’re doing a kitchen renovation and the entire room, or most of it, will be out of commission, think about the basics that you’ll need. If you need your kettle, microwave, or air fryer, move these to a separate area and set up a makeshift kitchen

If you’re having your bathroom redone and don’t have a second full bath, think about where and how you will go about your morning and nighttime routines, and if you’re replacing or won’t have access to a shower, figure out if there’s a neighbor or family member who will let you get clean, or consider showering at the gym.

Cover Everything

Use fitted bedsheets to protect any furniture you can’t remove. Attach plastic sheeting to bookshelves and shelving units to prevent dust and debris from building up. Be sure to keep doors closed to other rooms throughout the renovations.

Vacuum and Dust When You Can

When you vacuum and dust each day, you might feel like it’s a fruitless attempt and that you shouldn’t bother because it’s not making any difference. When the renovations are finally over, you will thank your past self for keeping on top of things and chipping away at the mess, dirt, and dust as things progressed.

Knowing what to expect but understanding that unforeseen issues will likely occur is the best way to prepare for your upcoming home renovation. Just remember, it will all be over soon, and you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful new upgraded space.

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