How to play Video Poker: A beginner’s guide

Video poker is a highly popular game for many online gambling enthusiasts, however, it is a game that not everyone will know too much about or will perhaps have had a lot of exposure to.

When playing at an online casino, many will immediately either look to play from one of the hundreds – or thousands – of different slot games that are available, or they will look to try and play a traditional casino table game, such as regular forms of poker. Indeed, with a number of different variations available, including live dealer versions, it perhaps is understandable why so many continue to miss out on what video poker has to offer.

However, there are plenty of different video poker games available to play, with bettors in the US typically finding that they can access a range of titles. Indeed, the most popular Pennsylvania online poker games include video poker titles such as Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and Game King Poker.

Therefore, we have decided to create this beginners guide to this wonderful game and provide you with everything you need to know in order to enjoy it to the fullest, and perhaps, find a new game that can help to further enhance or possibly change the overall online gambling experience that is being enjoyed!

What is video poker?

To begin with, it is probably wise to provide you with an overview of video poker and describe how the game actually works.

Perhaps one of the best ways to describe it could be to suggest it is like a slot game that features a poker element.

Additionally, the game is a fixed-odds poker game that is based on a five-card draw. This means players will receive a total of five cards as their hand, where they will then be required to try and obtain the best hand possible. There is an opportunity to change cards, although this can only happen once and this is after the initial drawing.

Different types of video poker?

As already mentioned briefly above, there are a variety of different variations available that bettors are able to enjoy should they decide to give video poker ago.

Indeed, there are some that will be considered a little more popular than others, although each variation will be able to provide the player with a degree of enjoyment. Let’s take a quick look at what variants are available:

Jacks or Better

Arguably the most popular video poker variant available to play, Jacks or Better is a game that is rather easy to understand and follow. Indeed, in order for an individual to win, they will need to be able to obtain a minimum hand that consists of a pair of Jacks. Anything lower than this will not produce a win, whereas any hand that is better than a pair of Jacks will see the prize be worth a little more.

Deuces Wild

Another version of video poker that has proven to be incredibly popular amongst players at an online casino is the Deuces Wild variant. This particular style of game will see that the number twos are wild, meaning once they appear in a hand, they will act as wilds and can substitute for any other card that can then help to provide the player with a better hand.

What can playing video poker help achieve?

One of the reasons why video poker has managed to become rather popular for a number of online casino enthusiasts is because it can provide them with an opportunity to improve their poker skills without making any potentially costly mistakes.

Indeed, playing a live dealer game against other players can be rather overwhelming and intimidating, with each decision being made potentially being rather costly. Those that play video poker will find that the stresses of playing can be eliminated, whilst it also offers beginners the opportunity to be able to learn as much as they need to before taking on seasoned pros.

By playing this type of game, players can spend their time trying to learn new strategies and implementing them, whilst they will also be able to enjoy a relaxing gaming experience as these games are far from flashy, thus allowing bettors to focus solely on the game and not all of the mechanics that may be found within slots.

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