How To Make Your Product Stick Out Among Others Through Packaging?

Finding the best packaging companies has become the topmost priority for most successful brands. A packaging company is not merely required to have a quality packaging solution, whereas the companies need to innovate and come up with creative packaging solutions relentlessly. Such innovation is required because brands require a packaging solution that might make their product stand out amongst all the other products in the market. 

While retaining one’s quality, this need for constant innovations has been catered to by one of the best packaging company in the US, known as The Legacy Printing. One of the factors that owe the company its respect among all other packaging companies in the US is its high regard for providing quality packaging solutions for its client.

With the changing needs and demands of society, the company has developed such creative and production teams that it constantly keeps on innovating and providing the clients with newer and better styles of packaging and their designs. 

Once the company had omitted out all the mainstream packaging designs, the creative team started looking for further creative designs for packaging boxes. That is how the company landed upon different packaging solutions that would answer most clients’ questions regarding ‘How to make your product stand out amongst other products in the market. 

How to make your product stand out amongst other products:


The consumers are tired of seeing the same old designs of packaging and same old styles. This has made them lose interest in discovering new products, and they choose the product they can grab in the first attempt. This scenario requires the companies to have new yet elegant packaging boxes to make the customer want to engage with it and buy the product. 

The aforementioned company solved the problem by coming up with sleeve packaging boxes. These sleeve packaging boxes come in various styles like sleeves with tapered side panels or bowl sleeves or sleeves with a cap lockbox, and many more. So, if it’s a beauty product or an electronic product, the sleeve encasing definitely allures the customer to open it up and experience the fun act of slipping the sleeve down. 

Apart from its stylistic allure, the sleeve packaging boxes are also adorned with remarkable designs. This adds to the product’s visual appeal, which is deemed necessary for the formation of these packaging boxes. The images that are printed on the sleeve covers are exquisite and beguiling. The color contrast used to make the design is selected explicitly by the graphic designers, which grantees a customer appeal. 

All these elements of style and design, when amalgamated together, lead towards the final packaging of the product, which is able to make one’s product stand out amongst all others in an aisle. 


To make the unboxing experience of the packaging boxes more fun and amusing is another factor that needs to be incorporated when designing a packaging solution. For example, a customer knows that the packaging box shall have an interesting opening like a pop-up or a telescoping style, or a drawer-style sleeve packaging. In that case, the customer is more likely to buy that product just to experience that unboxing act. 

The creative team of The Legacy Printing understood this phenomenon well and put forth specific packaging solutions that cater precisely to this very demand of the customers. The Rigid drawer boxes are designed for the packaging of single products. These single products have a higher probability of losing their aesthetic value and allure when placed inside the mainstream 2-piece packaging boxes. The rigid drawer box provides them with an added aesthetic value that would not have been possible without it.

The beautiful drawer openings have different styles. Some might have a string or a rope attached to their closing ends, or some might have a custom notch cut design at its closing end. This guarantees an increased interest of the customer in the product. 

Additionally, since the prototype of the drawer-style rigid box had a bottom part and a sleeve above it, it also gives space to the creative teams to further add to the charm of the packaging through the use of enticing color contrast and designs. The logo placing is carried out so that the brand identity is reinforced in a somewhat strange way. 


Which packaging box would you rather chose; One that can only be used once and then has to be thrown away or the one that can be used a plethora of times without the risk of being damaged? Most of the customers tend to buy sturdy and recyclable packaging that can be used again and again. 

This factor of making the packaging recyclable to make it stand out amongst all other products was given a lot of thought by the creative team of the aforementioned company. The company, therefore, came up with different types of packaging solutions. 

The first and foremost was that of different kinds of Rigid box packaging. These rigid box packaging had a sturdy formation due to an increased thickness caused by the stacking up of the chipboard in the box’s interior. The rest of the box was usually covered in some beautiful or elegant material, making the packaging box seem more luxurious.  Different opening styles like a magnetic or a pop-up opening also retained their sturdy nature and visual beauty.

All these factors enable rigid boxes to be used again and again even after their original usage, i.e., the product that it came in. The boxes can further be used to encase a certain gift or to preserve essential materials etc. 

Another packaging box that is recyclable and hence gives it its importance amongst other packaging solutions in the market is that of the cardboard boxes and the corrugated boxes. Since these boxes are flexible, they are less likely to be damaged from external wear and tear. This leads towards their ability to be used a number of times. 

The cardboard or corrugated boxes can hold in bulk material in addition to being environmentally friendly. They are also used to fit in the extra stuff and cannot be stuffed anymore in the cupboards or the shelves. Since the boxes are widely used apart from being merely used for the purpose it came for, customers are likely to buy the product enclosed in such packaging as well

Before choosing any of the packaging solutions, the first and foremost question that the clients ask themselves is why we should choose this particular company to cater to our packaging needs. With The Legacy Printing putting the client’s demands as their topmost priority, the clients are relieved from their concerns. Hence, if you seek the best packaging company in the US, the aforementioned company is the right choice. 

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