How to Make Your Home Sparkle

Sometimes life gets a little dreary, and we need a way to lift us up if we start feeling blue. One of the ways you can do that is to renew your home’s sparkle. Paint or put on outdoor blinds Melbourne residents love so much. Perhaps redo the interior décor, as long as it improves the look and brightens up the room.

Remember, aesthetics around the house can affect your mood, so adding sparkle to your home is more important than you think.

Redo the Garden

The garden is the first thing that people see. And it’s the one place where you can relax in natural surroundings, and feast your eyes on greenery.

Firstly, plant some evergreen shrubs. They’ll last throughout the year, and will take very little care. Some of them flower in summer, and add vibrancy.

Secondly, trees give height and interest. You can have evergreen trees, but with varying leaf colours such as green and purple, for a stunning view from inside. Then, pop in some flowers, with differing heights and matching colours taken into account.

Add a couple of stone pathways, and you have a beautiful garden.

Renovate the Exterior

Ever consider what a tub of paint can do for your house? A fresh coat of paint is always welcome as it brightens up the look. You could also add a stone or wood panel or simply repaint the roof. You’ll find it gives a smart, professional appearance, especially with charcoal colours that are trending these days.

Then, renovate the doors and windows so you have upgraded features that impress. For example, pick a new garage door and new front door and modernise them, or add a natural wood for a cottagey effect.

Indoor Changes

There are many changes you can make to the interior of the house that will give it a little ‘oomph’. We’ll consider these under different headings.

Bring In Light

Light always brings with it lifting of the mood, and makes the place more cheerful. You can add large windows, skylights, and extra lighting in dark areas, all in order to make your house look a lot brighter. What’s more, you could put a few mirrors on the walls, which doubles the amount of light through reflection.

In addition, within little nooks, you could add candles, or, if you fear fire, add candle lights. A little romance is always welcome.

Create a Jungle Area

There is something very entrancing about a jungle and you can have one IN the house. If you bring in some plants and arrange them in a specific area, you can create a place of rest. The extra oxygen is always welcome, and the greenery brings a sense of calm.

Put in a little waterfall, and place your plants around it. Be sure to add hanging plants, ferns and other leafy plants for the benefit of more oxygen. You’ll of course need to have a tiled floor, just in case there’s a spill of water.

Make sure you have a comfy bench in the area where you can read, meditate or write.

Add Natural Sounds

Natural sounds also create calm in listeners. So, add some running water, or a few bird sounds in the background—particularly in your jungle area. There are apps for this, as well as YouTube videos, so you don’t have to even spend money to source the playlist.

Change the Window Dressings

You can change the look of your windows easily. Pop in a few blinds or sheer curtains Melbourne locals prefer to keep out the hot Australian sun. No one can look in, but you can see out. Then you can add some colour with your curtains—whether soft, bold or neutral, make a statement and show off your personality.

It’s best to keep to a theme. So, if you have a house near the sea and want to keep the ocean theme, just stick to blues, whites, sandy, green and brown tones.

Keep Attractive Floors

One of the most important aspects of your home is the floors. For health and ease of cleaning, most people avoid carpets, opting instead for tiles or wooden floors. However, tiles are both cold and hard, and items that fall on the floors are more likely to break. The bonus with tiles is that they can create a very clean, modern look.

The second option is wooden or bamboo floors. They are durable, and give warmer tones while also being easy to clean these days. When items drop onto these surfaces, they break less easily compared to tiling. What’s more, they give your home a natural feel. The only downside is the loud sounds emitted when you walk on wooden floors.


So, if you find your home a little drab, there are many ways to create a more cheerful environment and make it look fancy. You can try some of our tips in this blog, or use it as inspiration to create more techniques of your own.



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