How To Make the Most Out of Your Space With Wall Lamps 

Wall lamps don’t need to be generic or boring to be useful. Quite the opposite, there’s a whole host of homes both large and small that prefer to use wall lamps as their go-to glow up in and around the home. 

Ways you can use wall lamps to take your space to the next level 

While there’s no one-right way to use stylish wall lamps, there are some tips that we’re happy to divulge to get you off to a ‘glowing’ start in your quest for home greatness. 

If you’re looking to use a wall lamp on a more functional basis first and foremost, then it’s important to think about where it can be strategically placed to provide illumination where it’s needed. Depending on the size and style, wall lamps can be used as bedside lamps, task lighting in a home office, or in hallways and entryways for added visibility.

If you’re looking for ways to save on space, then wall lamps are also a great way to clear up the floor. Even compared to table lamps, wall lamps are ideal for smaller rooms or areas where floor space is limited, making a space feel more open and less cluttered.

Artsy vibes 

If you’re looking to add some style in a multifunctional manner, wall lamps can be used to highlight artwork, decorative features, or architectural details in the room. Choosing the right level of lighting will help to bring out the best in these elements, adding depth and textural interest. 

Wall lamps are also great for ambient lighting, where they can provide a soft and even ambient glow that will bring out the best in the room. There’s nothing like a cozy and welcoming ambiance to make your space feel more comfortable and inviting.

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