How to Make Sure You Get Good Lights While Putting On Your Makeup

All makeup artists agree that good lighting is fundamental for their work. Without correct lighting, shadows will ultimately blot out your makeup and the colors will lose their vibrancy. Having proper and high-quality lighting can dramatically improve your makeup application results.

The science behind quality lighting

When putting on makeup, high-quality lighting is essential. An awesome way to apply makeup is to ensure that you can see it, and that is only possible when you have good lighting. Makeup entails a complicated combination of various shades as well as foundations, and to an untrained eye, colors may appear different. Excessive light can induce heat and could cause excessive sweating, while insufficient light might mask the genuine beauty of the makeup that you are applying. You might look amazing in the mirror but the opposite when you step on the outside.

So, what’s the most ideal kind of lighting for makeup application?

To begin, we need to consider light as a complete spectrum of colors rather than simply “light.”

Concentrating on the uniform distribution of red, blue and green, will vastly improve your selection of the shade and foundation.

Natural light is the best light

To be honest, nothing surpasses natural light. It’s clear, smooth, and delicate — everything you want in a beautiful palette. To enjoy the benefits of natural illumination, always go for the nearest window. Your makeup will seem vivid and well-matched to your skin tone.

LED continuous lighting

What tends to happen if there is no natural light? An option is to utilize a white light created by a light-emitting diode bulb. These lights emit a steady stream of light, but they can become rather hot if not properly maintained. But some brands use a system of reflectors to equally distribute the light while lowering the amount of heat emitted. When buying for a light, look for one with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 90 or greater since this is closer in characteristics to natural light. Also, you will want a high-quality makeup mirror that enables you to see how you are applying your makeup. One amazing option is the Mirrex Compact Mirror Light Features wireless charging base, which allows you to have an optimal view.

Ring lights for makeup application

Ring lights are perfect for both putting makeup and photographing the completed makeup application. Ring lights eliminate shadows and precisely emphasize your features since they uniformly distribute light. You may have observed a dazzling, halo-like reflection in the eyes of a beauty guru before – that’s a ring, right? These lights are available in several styles, so you can get one that suits you. These lights are lightweight and cramped in size, and they are designed to be clipped onto smartphones.


We have already discussed a couple of the reasons why good lighting may elevate your makeup game from mediocre to exceptional. In an ideal world, we would all be able to work in beautiful natural light at all times. Unfortunately, the cycle doesn’t always operate in that way. If putting a full face of makeup on the nearest street is not something that you want to do, getting a ring light is what you should do.

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