How to Maintain Your Vape Coils: Best Practices

Did you know that you can save money by switching from cigarettes to an e-cigarette or vape? The average vape user saves $118 per month. That’s $1,416 saved per year!

The amount you spend depends partly on how well you maintain your vape. If you don’t take care, you will need to replace vape coils more often. You will also have a burnt taste that will ruin your experience.

If you invest in high-quality coils, you surely want to maximize their lifespan. Keep reading to learn about basic care tips to make vape coils last longer.

Prime the Vape Coils

Before popping your new coil into your vape, you should soak the wick with e-liquid. Do this by placing the coil on a sturdy surface with the juice holes up. Then, put a few drops of e-liquid onto the holes and allow them to be absorbed.

Keep adding a few drops of e-liquid until no more is absorbed into the coil. Now the wick is fully saturated and ready for use.

Use Quality E-liquids

It wouldn’t make sense to use cheap e-liquids with a high-quality coil. Budget vape juice often contains higher amounts of sweeteners.

These ingredients caramelize and clog up the coil. The result is a wick that doesn’t absorb as much e-liquid.

If you don’t mind thinner vapor, consider purchasing propylene glycol (PG) based vape juice. Vegetable glycerin (VG) gives the vapor a thicker look and feel, but it also clogs up the coil faster.

Don’t Let the Tank Run Dry

There is no better way to ruin the coil than to let the tank run dry. The wick will end up giving the vapor a burnt taste. The only remedy will be to replace the coil.

To extend the lifespan of a coil, make sure to keep the tank topped up. Many brands have minimum level indicators, so make sure to fill them before that point.

Clean the Vape Coils

Even with quality vape juice and proper care, some residue still builds up on the coil. This doesn’t mean you must toss it in the trash straight away.

Cleaning vape coils is easy, and it extends the lifespan even further. First, run hot water over the coils to remove excess residue. Then soak in rubbing alcohol or vodka overnight.

Follow up with a rinse under more hot water and then blow through the coil to get rid of excess water. Once completely dry, place it back in the vape.

Otherwise, if you want a simpler solution, consider a disposable vape instead. These come in various capacities and don’t require the same maintenance.

Get More Bang for Your Buck

Even though vaping saves money compared to cigarettes, there are ways to get even more use out of your vape. It’s important to start with high-quality vape coils and e-liquids. Not only will you get a longer lifespan from these, but also a better taste.

Cleaning the coils also helps with extending the lifespan of a vape. Also, ensure that the tank does not run dry because no amount of cleaning will reverse that damage.

Now that you know how to care for a vape, you can start saving even more money. Check out the other content in our health section for valuable tips.

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