How to keep carpets and rugs clean

Whether at home or in an apartment, the cleaning of rugs and carpets is a very important procedure. Proper cleaning works not only for an aesthetic reason, but also for a health issue. In buildings where children and pets play, carpets and rugs are likely to be subject to stains of all kinds. In addition, the dust that comes from the street also makes it difficult for them to be always clean. You’re suggested to do carpet deep steam cleaning every a few months.

Anyone who likes to constantly gather friends and relatives at home should also know that common accidents are enemies of rugs. That is, spilled juice and even cake and bread crumbs contribute to the build-up of dirt.

The Importance of keeping rugs and carpets clean

Keeping carpets and rugs properly cleaned and brushed is important to keeping everyone in the home healthy. Thus, it is possible to reduce the presence of mites and bacteria that can cause respiratory disorders.

Environments that have rugs and carpets must also always be properly ventilated, as mites and other microorganisms tend to proliferate on rugs that are in poorly ventilated areas.

Even rugs and carpets that feature finer fabrics accumulate, for example, chemical residues from products such as insecticides and perfumes. In some cases, such residues can affect the health of residents.

Therefore, to avoid such problems and still ensure a clean and beautiful environment, the process of cleaning carpets and rugs becomes essential.

To note, those looking for houses to rent and interested in one that has carpet, or want to decorate the living room or bedroom with beautiful rugs, should always be on the lookout for cleanliness.

Clean efficiently

The complete cleaning of rugs and carpets can be done by companies specialized in the field. These companies have properly trained professionals and products suitable for cleaning. However, if you prefer, cleaning can be done by yourself, every day. This way you can preserve the structure and beauty of rugs and carpets, as well as prevent the proliferation of bacteria in your home.

Remember that to facilitate the cleaning process, both carpets and carpets, it is important that the environment receives light and fresh air. Therefore, never leave the rooms closed for too long. Air circulation is important.

Every day it is important to open the doors and windows, let the sunlight in and let the air circulate freely through the room. In this way, it hinders the proliferation of fungi and other microorganisms.

Know how to clean the carpet

Imagine the situation: You’re looking for apartments to rent and you’ve finally found one that appeals to you, but you see it has carpet. Soon you think that carpet is difficult to keep clean and then you give up on the business.

It is not necessary to leave the apartment of your dreams because of this detail. Know that with simple and daily care the carpet can be preserved for a long time.

In addition, the carpet acts as an efficient anti-slip in the environment, thus preventing slips and falls that can be painful. Therefore, in homes that have elderly people and children, it is of great value.

Then check out some basic tips that will help keep your carpet always clean, with minimal dust and beautifying the place.

The vacuum cleaner: It is considered to be one of the fastest and most efficient ways to aid in the preservation of carpet. The vacuum is important because it can remove grains and particles that are difficult to access.

It is worth vacuuming at least once or twice a week. By doing this procedure, you prevent dust from accumulating on the carpet. The accumulation of dust contributes to the proliferation of mites and fungi, for example.

Remove stains from carpet

Coffee, soda, paint, sauce, in short, small accidents involving liquid and viscous substances are a nightmare for those who want to keep carpets free of dirt. Nowadays, it is possible to have specific chemical products for use in carpets, but there is also the possibility of using natural products, one of which is vinegar.

Vinegar, in this case, is a liquid product with a pH that makes it an efficient cleaning agent. This makes it useful for removing stains and odors. Plus, it’s safe for children and pets.

It is worth remembering that before using vinegar or any other product in order to clean the carpet, it is important to vacuum. With this, all particles that make cleaning difficult are removed.

Finally, because they have different sizes and shapes, rugs are essential for those who want to give a creative touch to the decoration of the environment. There are rugs in different colors and styles and these characteristics make them very versatile.

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