How to Get Rid of Backyard Bugs Once and for All

Your backyard is an extension of your home. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be enjoying it as much as possible. When you’re dealing with backyard bugs, you could be hesitant to spend your days and nights outside. 

Don’t let common backyard bugs prevent you from enjoying your own home and yard. Although some bugs are welcomed, such as ladybugs, honeybees, worms, and more, other bugs provide no benefits and only cause annoyance.

To rid your backyard of fire ants, mosquitoes, aphids, and other bad bugs continue reading below. Here’s everything you need to know about backyard bug control. 

Remove Any Standing Water

Take a walk around your backyard and be on the lookout for standing water. Pet water bowls, birdbaths, and other standing water locations in your yard should be removed. Bugs are attracted to standing water, especially mosquitoes. 

Check your yard after a rain shower as well to ensure there aren’t any sunken spots where water is collecting. You’ll want to fix these spots to prevent standing water. 

Remove Trash and Clutter

Bugs are also attracted to trash. If you keep your trash can outside, make sure to place it in a location far away from where you like to entertain or spend time in your backyard. You should also keep the lid closed at all times.

If your backyard is filled with clutter, then take the time to start decluttering and removing any unnecessary items from your yard where bugs might be hiding. 

Welcome Bats Into Your Yard

Did you know that bats are beneficial to our backyards? Once the sun goes down and the night is here, bats will begin feasting on any insects they can find. Invite bats into your yard by building them a small house or shelter in your tree. 

They require a simple house, that won’t take much work and in return, they’ll help keep your backyard bug-free. 

Keep the Lawn Mowed

Tall blades of grass will attract bugs to your yard because it gives them lots of hiding places. Keep your lawn mowed on a regular basis and be sure to trim shrubs and tree branches as well. To properly function your lawnmower without any defects use oil for your lawn mower, doing that will reduce friction and overall wear and tear. Remove any debris in your yards such as fallen leaves, twigs, and branches too. 

A well-maintained yard won’t be as hospitable as one that provides hiding places and shelter for bugs. 

Contact Pest Control Services

After you’ve corrected a few issues with your yard that might have been attracting bugs, it’s then time to contact the professionals. Professional pest control services like Fast Action Pest Control will know how to identify backyard bugs, remove them from your yard, and prevent them from coming back. 

Using a professional service can give you peace of mind knowing professional equipment, knowledge, and products were used to correct the problem. 

Not All Backyard Bugs Are Wanted

Some backyard bugs are great for the garden, but not all backyard bugs are beneficial or wanted. Use the information given above to keep your backyard free of pesky bugs!

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