How to Get Ready for a Night Out in 2022

Going out is coming back! While we’re still at odds with a pandemic, some semblance of social culture is steadily making it’s return and young people are getting back into their party prep routines. For most of us, it’s been a while since we’ve honestly gone out on the town and those routines might feel a little…well, rusty! It’s been a good several years since public spaces were available for patrons to attend bars and concerts, so it’s natural to feel a little out of the element as you prepare to start getting out there again. If you’re feeling like it’s time to dust off the cobwebs and get back out to your favorite haunts this weekend, this article will give you some fun ideas of how to get ready for a night out in 2022!  

The Right Tunes 

As you’re getting showered, dressed and ready to go you’ll need something to pump up your energy so you’re ready to party! What better way to pump yourself up than putting on a great up beat record? Get yourself some Lady Gaga Vinyl to give you the pumped up pop hits you need to get yourself hyped and ready to hit the town! 

The Right Outfit! 

Let’s be real, it’s been forever since we’ve been able to go out and make a splash out on the dance floor. The key to that is of course, your moves, but in addition to that you need to make sure you’re dressed for the event! Make sure you deck yourself out with lots of flashy and stylish looks by stocking up on rave clothes for your big events coming up. Part of the fun of going out is getting an excuse to wear the craziest clothes you can possibly think of. Get started by picking yourself up some new accessories for your next night out! 

Probiotic Soda 

We all know that before going out to a club or event, we’re usually going to pregame beforehand. Drinks at clubs are expensive, it makes sense! But have you ever thought about pregaming with a non alcoholic beverage that supports gut health? Vina is a new probiotic soda that promotes brain and gut health and is the perfect thing to make you feel great before hitting the town. Giving your gut a little treat before hitting the town will help you feel great throughout the night knowing that your gut is healthy. 

Car Interior Cleaner 

Has your car been collecting trash and dust over the course of the pandemic? Before heading out and having friends ride in your car, make sure you grab some car cleaner and do a deep cleaning of the interior. Even if you generally keep your car clean, dust and grime can build up over time on the interior and it’s a good idea to give it a deep wipe before any passengers get in the car. It feels so much better to have a clean ride before going out, so make sure the interior of your car is free of dust and grime! 

Hydrating Serum 

Of course, this list would be incomplete without any attention paid to skincare. To get your skin looking and feeling bright, fresh and hydrated, pick some hydrating brightening serum to bring out all of that natural glow for your night out. These serums smooth and hydrate your skin without clogging pores, giving you a natural radiance that you’ll love everytime you catch yourself in a mirror on your night out. There are tons of skin safe options out there these days, pick up hydrating serum today! 

Vitamin IV Drip 

You’ve probably heard that an IV is the best cure for a hangover and one of the best ways to get nutrients directly into your body. IV therapy is becoming more and more popular as people seek out ways to improve their health and their body’s capabilities. A vitamin IV drip is designed to help bolster your body’s immune system and get the vitamins it needs to fight off infection and disease, something we all could use a little more of as more and more COVID variants start to circulate. Prepare for your night out by trying IV therapy today! 


One of the world’s fanciest foods, caviar is a great addition to any pre-gaming event you might host before going out in 2022. You might not know this, but there’s a reason that caviar is so expensive and such a coveted food item in wealthy circles. That’s because caviar comes from a particular kind of fish that’s only native to certain regions in the world. These fish are called sturgeons, and the process of acquiring their eggs is both complex and difficult. Different caviars from different places have varying flavors and go better with different ingredients, so it’s a good idea to do some research on what you’re looking for. Impress your friends by surprising them with some caviar before your night out! 

Wow Hair Products 

As you get ready for your night out, you’ll need some great shampoo and conditioner to help you get squeaky clean before hitting the town. Wow shampoo and conditioner has a multitude of amazing products with natural ingredients to moisturize and clean your hair leaving it feeling healthy and nourished. Their best products include ingredients like apple cider and coconut oil which promote strong and healthy hair. Pick yourself up some of their shampoos and conditioners today! 

Stylish Masks 

Masks are here to stay for the time being, so why not lean into it and grab some stylish masks? Cloth masks with a slot for filters are a great addition to any look! You can find colors and patterns that match your favorite outfits and be stocked up for the right look for any occasion! Maybe matching everything to your mask is a little too extreme…or maybe not! It can be a great way to express your style and have fun! 


When we say Birdie, we don’t mean bring a parrot out with you, unless that’s your style. We mean that any woman going out needs a way to feel and stay safe. Heartbreakingly, assault is an extremely serious problem that happens every day and even more so in dark crowded environments such as clubs or bars. Birdie is a personal safety alarm made for women, by women and has a sleek, discreet design. When you’re ready to use it, simply remove the front cover and press the button for a piercing sound coupled with a flashing light to point at your aggressor. This will deliver exactly the message you need to send: get away from me! 

Going out in 2022 should be fun, and we hope some of these products will help you and your friends have a safe and fun night out in the new year. Going out in 2022 is all about making a safe and comfortable space for yourself both at home and out in the world. Stay safe, protect yourself with masks and safety devices, and most importantly make sure you set yourself up to get ready the right way with plenty of tunes and self care beforehand! 


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