How to Get Cheap Car Shipping Services

When it comes to transporting your vehicle from one state to the other or even to another country, you’ll want to save as much money as possible. This is why most people tend to look for other alternatives instead of shipping. For instance, some people would rather drive their vehicles to the new destination.

However, driving the car would only be cheaper than shipping if the distance is below 500 miles. Once the distance is longer than this, driving may become even more expensive than shipping because of other factors like lodging, gas, food, and so on. Let’s not forget the impact long-distance driving can have on your health; you can visit https://www.healthworkscollective.com/ to learn how driving for too long can affect a person’s health. Finally, driving can also cause unnecessary wear and tear on your car which would subsequently cause you to spend more money.

This is why it is often recommended to simply hire a professional auto shipping company when you find yourself in this situation. Thankfully, there are things you can do to reduce how much you spend on this service when you are on a budget. In this article, we will discuss some of these things to make sure you do not have to break the bank just to ship your car.

Get Quotes from Different Companies

Shopping around is among the best ways to find the best deals when shipping a car. So, check different companies (about 3-5) and get quotes from them. Some companies even make it easier for you by providing instant quotes on their websites.

When you shop around, you’ll be able to get a clear picture of the price in this market. Your aim shouldn’t be finding the cheapest service though, as the cheapest company may end up providing substandard service. Rather, focus on getting a company that offers great service at a fair price.

Opt for Open Rather than Enclosed Shipping

One of the major things that influences car transportation costs is the type of shipping method used. Typically, vehicles are either shipped in open or enclosed trailers. Open trailer shipping is cheaper than enclosed shipping for several reasons.

However, the biggest reason for this price difference is that open trailers unlike enclosed ones can accommodate more vehicles. So, when looking for a cheap vehicle transport service, go for an open trailer. Not only will this help you cut costs, but it can also ensure your vehicle gets shipped and delivered on time. This is because this method is more common than its alternative, so filling up the trailer is often faster.

Car Shipping Services

Be Flexible with Your Delivery and Pick Up Locations and Time

If you want to get the cheapest rate, then flexibility must be one of your core qualities in this process. If you want your car to be picked up or dropped at a remote location, then you need to be fine with paying more. Therefore, rather than insisting on a particular location, be ready to either drive to drop off or pick up your vehicle in a location that’s convenient for the driver. It may not seem like it but saving your driver 30 minutes can significantly reduce how much you have to pay.

The same time applies to your shipping and delivery dates. When you insist on a particular date, you may have to pay more to meet the deadline. So, be flexible with your dates so you can get a cheap price. Rather than insisting on a date, let the company fit your order on dates that work ideal for them.

Book in Advance

Booking early can also help you shave off a few dollars from your car transportation cost. The reason this is possible is, that once you book at the last minute, the company would have to find a way to fit you into the schedule. This may be considered a premium service, so, you may have to pay a premium for it. Rather than being in a situation where you have to pay more money for the same service, book ahead of time and save yourself some money and stress.

Ship During Off-Season

Just like with any other business, there are usually peak seasons of business in the shipping industry. Peak seasons typically mean a significant increase in sales. For shipping companies, peak season is usually between June and August.

If you choose to ship your vehicle during peak season, you will have to pay more money because of the economic rule of supply and demand. You can check online to learn more about demand and supply and how it affects the prices of goods and services. So, rather than transporting your vehicle during peak seasons, ship it during the off-season when sales are low, and companies will be inclined to give you cheaper prices. Off-season is usually between December and February.


Getting a cheap car transport service isn’t all about choosing the company with the cheapest rate. Going with the cheapest company can end up leaving you in regret as they may do a substandard job and could even damage your vehicle in the process. Rather than doing this, it’s better to try to save some money by doing certain things before and during the process of transporting your vehicle just as you have seen in this article.

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