How to Get Approved for an Apartment: 5 Helpful Tips

Wondering how to get approved for an apartment? Whether it’s your first time applying or you have had difficulty landing a spot in the past, it’s a good idea to know how to manage the apartment application process.

The truth is, a few tricks can help increase your odds of success, no matter what your background or experience is like.

Here are 5 helpful tips to help you manage the rental application process!

1. Be on the Ball

Being first can be a huge advantage, especially in a crowded market or city. So if you’re wondering how to apply for an apartment, speed is key.

Having documents printed, a blank check handy (or bank information), and the right amount of money could help you skip to the front of the line.

Speed is a great advantage that can help any landlord say “yes.”

2. Have References Ready to Go

Some rental application processes require references. Your competitors will skimp on this or may wait until the landlord actually requests them before they even ask. This could delay the process and result in the landlord asking someone else.

Call your references today. If you’re looking for Oakland apartments for rent, for example, skim over your list of friends who live in the area and contact them right away. Tell them your situation and make sure they’re prepared to say nice things about you. Then when you talk to your landlord, advertise that you have a network waiting in the wings!

3. Have Paystubs Ready

Ultimately, landlords and property managers want to know you are a good investment. Your paystubs (and credit score) are going to give them the most helpful information in this regard.

Print your pay stubs and have them ready in your folder. Three to six months is good, but having up to a year can’t hurt.

The most reliable checkstubmaker can help you generate your own pay stubs quickly!

4. Be Flexible

Apartment hunting¬†is largely a numbers game and each new landlord may have different rules and stipulations. Don’t let this frustrate or annoy you. Mentally prepare yourself to be flexible and accommodating to meet the owner’s needs.

Think about it from their perspective: Wouldn’t you want to rent to someone who doesn’t demand or ask for tons of different things?

5. Rent From an Individual Owner

If you’re trying to get an apartment with bad credit (or no credit), go the solo route. Individual landlords are often more flexible and accommodating. Many property management companies are so big that they’ll never even meet you in person.

You might even find your landlord becomes like a friend. You could be living in their old home, down the street, or in the same community as them!

Know How to Get Approved for an Apartment

We hope these tips helped you figure out how to get approved for an apartment.

The key is to be empathetic and speedy. Think about how you can accommodate the landlord and make life easy for them. And be ready to cash in on the first month’s rent (plus deposit)!

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