How to fill out a profile on a freelance service

Many are now switching to remote work because it is much more convenient than the traditional option. However, even working from home in a company does not suit everyone. Some people become freelancers who constantly change customers and work with different people.

To find a major customer, you need to have remote work experience and a large portfolio. This is quite problematic for beginners, so they most often use freelance services at the beginning of their careers. Even bloggers find it difficult to start their activities because they cannot gain an audience and are forced to buy Instagram followers. But even on the freelance services, you need to skillfully interest the customers so that they choose you as the executor. In this article, we’ll tell you what to look out for when completing your profile.

Why do you need high-quality profile filling?

As a rule, a rating system functions on freelance services. Completing various tasks, you get points and move up the rating. In addition, customer feedback on your work has a big impact. When you register on the website, you get a zero rating, which you have yet to improve. It is at the initial stage that you need a high-quality filling of the profile.

When you leave a response to any order, the customer goes to your profile and immediately wants to see the portfolio, work experience, and areas in which you are good. Without this, you will not be assigned to carry out assignments because you will raise doubts. It will be a big advantage if you maintain your account on Instagram and provide a link to it in your profile. In this case, users will see that you know how to attract an audience without having to buy real Instagram followers.

What you should pay attention to

First of all, you should write about your merits and achievements. You can tell briefly about which university you graduated from, where you worked before and what awards you have. Be sure to include your work experience, if any.

Next comes the most important part of your profile. You probably understand that this is a portfolio. You do not need to link to the complete portfolio or attach all of your documents. It is enough to leave a link to 5-10 works that you have completed in the last year. In the future, you will be able to send examples of tasks to the customers themselves in private messages.

If you know several foreign languages and have the skills to use various programs on a computer, then this can also be written in your profile. This data will increase your chances of getting an order because it is often required to complete one document in several languages. And naturally, in the modern world, specialists are needed who know how to use complex programs.


Despite the fact that freelancing services are a rather dubious option (because they take a lot of commission for making safe transactions), you can take advantage of this early in your career. If you correctly fill out your profile, then soon your rating will increase and you will be able to cooperate with large companies.

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