How to choose swimwear for petite sizes?

The swimwear industry is notoriously tricky to navigate. The selection of petite sizes is even more limited than regular ones, so it can be hard to find suitable pieces at a reasonable price. The good news is that swimwear manufacturers are increasingly recognising the need for petite sizes and making them available in their collections. If you’re shopping online, look for websites that specify the measuring charts of the items—and pay attention to these measurements when ordering swimwear for petite sizes.

Buy tops and bottoms separately.

When looking for a swimsuit, it is essential to find tops and bottoms that fit well. Because swimwear is sized by cup size, one-piece suits cannot be adjusted to fit your body correctly. Instead, buying your top and bottom separately would be best to ensure they fit correctly.

You will want to buy the bottoms in a smaller size than the top because it can be more difficult for petite women to find bottoms that don’t hang too low on their hips or bunch up under their busts. It’s also important not to buy too baggy clothes to not distract from your body type—you want others’ eyes on what matters: YOU. For tops, look for something which doesn’t overwhelm you with fabric but still covers enough of your chest area.

Look for smaller cup sizes.

If you’re a cup size D or smaller, consider looking for swim tops with smaller cup sizes. For example, look for a D top or even a C if you are a DD. If you are a C, try Bs and AAs instead of AAAs.

Avoid horizontal stripes and other distractions.

When looking for swimwear, avoid horizontal stripes. If you’re petite, as many people with the 5’4″ height range or under often are, broad stripes will exaggerate your size and make you seem even smaller.

If your goal is to look long and lean instead of wide from head to toe, stick with vertical patterns running down the body. The same rule applies if you’re tall: vertical designs work better because they lengthen the body while avoiding distracting widths that could otherwise accentuate any extra inches in your frame.

Look for unique petite styles.

It can be hard to find the right size when looking for a great swimsuit. Petite sizes are designed to fit shorter people, but even if a brand makes them, they may not have the style or cut you like. If this is the case, look for unique petite styles.

These are often designed with smaller busts and waists in mind, which makes them perfect for women who don’t want their midsection drawing attention from all angles. Look for swimwear designed for petite sizes and flattering features like ruching or darts (this helps create curves). It would help if you also kept an eye out for details such as deep V-necks that can cover up cleavage without making you look frumpy.

Consider the details when you are looking for swimwear.

Size is crucial. It can be challenging to find the right size when it comes to swimwear, but you should keep in mind a few things:

  • The top should not be too tight and should cover your breasts completely. 
  • The bottom part of your swimsuit shouldn’t be too loose or too tight; it needs to form around your body nicely while also being comfortable enough not to feel constricted when moving around in the water.
  • Avoid any styles with really thin or spaghetti straps because these will make your bust look bigger than it is (plus, there’s nothing worse than having an uncomfortable and unflattering bathing suit).

Finding swimwear for petite sizes that fits you well and makes you feel confident is essential. You can try the different styles to see what works best for your body type and fashion preferences. Remember, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all regarding swimwear.

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