A Guide to Choosing Replacement Doors

Did you know that windows and doors can account for up to 25% of heat loss in a house? That can add up to big bucks in utility bills and heating costs. Not only can having the right doors be energy-saving and cost-effective but quality exterior doors in Ontario can also help keep your home safe, too.

Have you been thinking about updating your doors? If you were wondering what you need to consider when choosing replacement doors for your home, now is the perfect time to learn more about it. Check out this handy guide to get started. 

Consider Location

One of the first things to think about when replacing doors is the location. Do you need interior, exterior, or garage doors–or a combination of all of those? Not all doors are created equal, and many require different materials depending on where it is. 

Choose Materials

It’s important to find the right materials for each door replacement that you need. For example, if you live in an area with security concerns you may want to choose something durable like a steel door for a front exterior door. But if you have a classic home and prefer a timeless look, then wood might be the best door material for you. 

Pick a Side

The next step in finding a replacement door is to figure out whether or not it is hung by the right side or left side. They are called left-hand or right-hand doors, depending on where the lockset is. 

Select Hardware

Once you’ve figured out the best doors for your home, it’s time to select door hardware for it. Start with the locking mechanisms, which can range from deadbolt to locking knobs. Then you can move on the handle type, and decide whether you prefer a knob, lever, or push button. 

Find Finishes

When you’ve made some decisions about the form and function of your doors, you can move on to the fun stuff like finishes. Opt for a traditional gold or silver, or try a modern finish like black, chrome, or steel. You can get very specific and choose a satin, matte, or polished finish to really compliment the style of your home. 

Browse Replacement Doors Online

Before making a decision, it’s important to do your research first. Browse doors and replacement windows online and see what options are out there so that you can make the best choice. It will help you compare door cost prices and find companies that can help with installation and door replacement. 

Ready To Replace Your Doors?

After learning about replacement doors for your home, you can be proactive and make an informed decision. Tally up the number of doors you need, and then make a budget to find out what you can afford. Then you can choose the right materials and styles that suit your taste and the look of your home. 

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