How to Balance College and Social Activities?

7 Strategies to Balance Your College and Social Life

It is nearly impossible to imagine college life without constantly juggling something. You have only twenty-four hours a day but you have to somehow write your essay, participate in clubs and organizations, socialize, work out, and have some rest. Sometimes it feels like you don’t have time to blink. But the good news is that there is a way to cope with all the challenges and keep going. Make sure to follow the recommendations given in this article to get the most out of your college experience without burning out, anxiety, and stress. After all, college is supposed to be the best time of your life, and following the tips below can help you do better in class and actively socialize.

Take a Break

Do you feel like it’s time to rest a bit? Take a break. Put a hold on your theater classes, or step off the baseball team for some time. You won’t be able to succeed academically if you are exhausted. You will find yourself feeling much better when you get back to your activities after a short break. You have definitely heard the term burnout here and there in campus. It is a serious thing to consider when you’re a college student. Burnout is a state of physical and mental exhaustion that can seriously affect your relationship, academic progress, and emotional health. A lot of experts tend to state that burnout stands behind loads of reasons why college and university students are getting expelled. In other words, if you find yourself overworked, stressed, and overwhelmed, make sure to have a break. Consider taking a couple of days off in all extracurricular activities and enjoy this time to regain your strength.

Ask for Help

Even though you’re in college now, and you have to learn to manage things on your own, it is actually important to ask for help when you need it. If you’re struggling with your essays and term papers, make sure to approach online professionals from custom assignment writing services. If you do not comprehend some materials, talk to your tutor. If you have either physical or mental health issues, do not hesitate to go to the specialist. The point here is that those who actually look for help can easily get back on track, while those who fail to approach experts seem to fall behind. You need to admit that there’s a problem even though you believe everyone else is successful and absolutely careless. The reality is that you’re not alone in struggling during college. Nonetheless, if you don’t think that you can approach someone to talk about your problem, you’re welcome to use one of the existing anonymous services. They provide you with an opportunity to be both heard and helped.

Consider Time-Management

Time is precious. Do you usually like to spend a couple of hours watching some Netflix shows for hours on Sundays? It’s time to give up this habit and use this time to learn something new or boost your skills. After all, all the shows won’t disappear if you choose to watch them next weekend. Make sure to use your time to get your book review done. Keep in mind the goal that you are working hard toward – your diploma and a promising professional future. When you successfully reach your goal, you will have a chance to take more time for the other less important activities and fun.

Study Smarter

Many college and university undergrads tend to believe that studying is about spending days and nights in the library in the kingdom of books, journals, and other materials. But the truth is that many hours of studying have nothing to do with knowledge and better skills. What is more, exactly the opposite can be true. If you spend many hours working on your coursework without any breaks, you’re not going to absorb any information. Make sure to get some coffee at a local café, go for a walk, work out, or enjoy your favorite book. When it’s time to get your hands back on your studies, you will find your mind reloaded and refreshed to learn more.

According to psychologists, there’s the so-called term study smarter not harder. The phenomenon improves the amount of information that you absorb and your ability to do that. Here’s the plan: once you have studied some piece of material, make sure to give yourself a few hours to refresh before you re-study anything.

Use Apps and Websites

There are many online sites and tools out there that will make your study sessions and general academic routine less challenging. Make sure to use the following options when you find yourself struggling with college work next time:

  • If you’re getting distracted every time that you have to cope with your writing assignments, consider using WriteMonkey. This tool is easy to use, as well as gives you an opportunity to take the clutter from your desktop.
  • Use this simple app to make personal lists or create ones that you can share with other users. You’re going to appreciate these options when it’s time to work on group projects.
  • iStudiez Pro. Use this organization app to make sure you’re not going to miss another deadline, course, or lecture, as well as to plan homework and track tasks.
  • This tool offers you to capture a memo or note in various formats (business receipt, photo, web clip, and so on).
  • With GoConqr, you have an opportunity to access various learning options, such as Quizzes, Mind Maps, Slides and Notes, and Flashcards, as well as connect and co-work with fellow students in Groups.

Learn to Say NO

If it’s your first year in college, you definitely try to say yes to everyone. But the reality is that you simply can’t please everyone. Make sure to learn to say no from time to time, especially when you’re too busy with college tasks. Everyone needs a day spent in bed with a good movie from time to time. While it’s easy to start helping everyone around whenever they ask, make sure to stay true to what your goals and who you are. There’s nothing wrong with saying no once in a while.

Never Wait Until the Last Minute

You’ve got a busy life as a freshman, and the reality is that it is going to be even tougher when you begin to work toward your degree. Don’t let procrastination or anything else get in the way of your academic progress. If you don’t prioritize classes, you will soon find yourself unable to meet all the deadlines. If you’re good at managing your tasks on time, you will have an opportunity to deal with all the personal and academic concerns exactly when they pop up. When you make sure to plan ahead and never wait until the last minute, you have enough time needed to cope with all the tasks and handle unexpected emergencies.

The tips given above should help you balance your academic routine and social life when you’re a college student. It’s no doubt that you want to cope with everything at once, but it is recommended to take into account your mental and physical health first. Take it slow to get the most out of your academic experience.


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