How To Attract Nurses To Work In Your Hospital

Healthcare facilities consist of several medical workers, but nurses are the most integral aspect. However, with time it is becoming more difficult for hospitals to attract nurses and retain them. Numerous clinics, maternity homes, or hospitals struggle to hire nurses, thus suffering from a nursing shortage. As a result, existent nurses have to put in double treble shifts and work extremely hard. Consequently, their health affects their job, and they are more likely to make errors, leading to poor patient outcomes.

Healthcare facilities are striving and trying innovative strategies to attract nurses. With the rising medical issues and increasing population, hospitals and clinics need new nurses.

Let’s dive into some tips to attract nurses to work in your hospital:

  1. Offer Continual Professional Development Opportunities

People do not appreciate getting into an organization that does not allow them to grow. They started feeling stagnant, doing the same thing repeatedly. Many nurses want to enroll in higher learning programs to gain in-depth insight into nursing and stay updated with current nursing trends.

Hospitals can establish a system to facilitate nurses while they pursue their higher degrees. Distance learning options are more flexible and allow you to fulfill other responsibilities. For instance, RNs can enroll in a terminal degree in nursing and equip themselves with advanced skills. The degree will open new opportunities for them and prepare them for leadership roles.

  1. Instill a Positive Environment

The environment of an organization impacts employees’ spirits and can boost their enthusiasm for their profession. Hospitals must strive to establish a positive environment where nurses feel relaxed and happy to perform their jobs. Nursing is demanding and can take a toll on nurses’ emotional and physical health. Medical facilities must strive to have an environment where nurses develop friendly relationships, take a walk in the park and unwind for a while.

Moreover, cleanliness also impacts the place’s atmosphere. Nurses value companies in which they are appreciated, and their leaders ensure that they are heard. A positive environment means happy and satisfied employees, and no happy employees prefer to leave a positive and good organization. So, make your hospital immaculate and leave a good impression while you take nursing candidates’ interviews.

  1. Offer Competitive Salaries

The most prominent reason nurses refuse to accept a job offer from an organization is that the pay is low. Investigate how much other hospitals pay their nurses. Your wages must be at least equivalent. However, if you offer slightly more, candidates will prefer your facility over others.

Job candidates do their research and do a competitive analysis while applying for the job. They are generally aware of the wages that different organizations offer. Understand that they work hard, and the pay scale is often the deciding factor when candidates look for the job. So, offer competitive salaries and attract more nursing candidates to serve in your medical organization.

  1. Advertise with Positive Information

One of the most common inquiries interviewers ask is how the candidates learned about the opening—most job seekers read job adverts and emphasize what interests them. Carefully craft your advertisement and ensure to incorporate words like ‘appropriate breaks,’ ‘professional development,’ ‘positive environment’ in your ad.

The present age is all about the internet, and people perform most of their activities from their phones. Ensure to digitally advertise about your vacancies and undertake the current digital marketing trends.

  1. Provide a Tour of the Facility to the Candidates

Candidates would love to explore the place before signing the job letter. When you do not have anything to hide and are confident about your organizational practices and atmosphere, you are ready to allow candidates to look around.

Offer candidates to take a tour of the facility and explore your organization. They can meet other healthcare workers, feel the environment, and can talk to other nurses. Providing a tour to the facility gives them an impression that the organization works with honesty and integrity, which can spike interest.

  1. Keep the Conduct Professional

Have a friendly tone, but do not let the professionalism go away from your conduct. Your tone and behavior should be thoroughly professional. Use clear words and be precise while taking interviews. Ensure that you use medical terms and assess candidates’ abilities without prying too much.

Many interviewers ask personal questions that do not concern their medical facility in any way. It has an unprofessional impact and can drive candidates away. Ensure to keep the conduct professional and polite throughout. Dress appropriately and have a tidy interview room.

  1. Have Nurse Ambassadors

One way of attracting nurses is to organize a meetup with your best and experienced nurses. Make them your ambassadors, and they can convince them about the organization’s culture and practices. Your experienced staff members can be your best critiques and can help in identifying areas that need improvement. On the other hand, they can also promote your brand.

In addition, you can take nurse ambassadors’ short videos and use them as testimonials in your marketing. Ensure to give a lively and personal touch to have a profound effect on nurse candidates.

  1. Emphasize Safety

Nurses deal with sharp tools like needles and other medical equipment frequently. Slight negligence from their end can cause an accident and put them and others in hazardous situations. Ensure that your nurses undertake safety procedures and strive to keep themselves safe. While conducting an interview, shed light and emphasize that nurses’ safety is of utmost importance.

  1. Provide Nurses Appropriate Breaks

Most nurses state that they leave nursing because of long, excoriating shifts, despite having enthusiasm for the profession. Mandatory and regular overtime takes a toll on their wellbeing and dulls their spirits. Structure nurses’ routines in such ways that they get appropriate breaks and can reenergize themselves.

Aside from giving daily short breaks where nurses can eat and relax, ensure to provide them with paid leave for at least twenty to twenty-five days annually.


No hospital can survive without the contribution of nurses. However, today many medical facilities deal with a shortage of nurses and try hard to attract new nurses. Nurses are not very keen on working in hospitals. Grueling working hours and mandatory overtime is killing their enthusiasm, and they are switching their careers.

Hospitals need to revisit their hiring techniques and bring in some reforms to attract more nurses. They must offer competitive salaries, and providing them growth opportunities can make their organization stand out and make them a preferable choice.

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