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How media buying utilized for promotion of casino platform


A good marketing plan is essential for every business, even for casinos. Casino companies cannot reach potential clients without promoting their platforms. And one of reaching out to potential clients is via advertising which involves adhering to several guidelines. According to experts at ExyCasinos, media buying is one of the most popular ways to promote gambling.

Understand media buying

Media buying refers to how casino companies buy media space (advertising space) across various platforms to publish their advertisements. There are several offline and online platforms options to reach possible clients. So, a casino house must know which medium is best for a particular ad format to select when it wants to send out an advertisement for maximum results.

How do casinos use different media to promote their business?

  • TV advertisements:

The gambling industry has been using television as one of the leading platforms for promoting their business. Many companies use funny or entertaining advertisements to get the attention of TV audiences. Some casinos advertise their games, while others promote their bonuses and sometimes their charitable contribution to society.

  • Social media platforms:

Facebook: The largest social media platform in the world has some restrictions for casinos. Casinos are allowed to place ads, but they must get special permission to buy ad space for games that involve skill-based tournaments, betting, fantasy sports, poker lotteries and poker. On the other hand, no special permission is required to promote social casinos like a simulated real-cash game which do not offer a monetary prize. So, many companies use simulated games to promote their brand image.

Twitter: Many casino houses use tweets to promote their business by posting stuff related to sports betting. They use it mainly for brand building by placing gambling adverts. Many of these advertisements are on humour and success stories of their clients to attract potential clients.

Placing ads on Twitter is easier as its terms and conditions do not mention anything about age restrictions and responsible gambling.


  • Radio & podcasts:

Radio advertising is another popular platform used by casinos to promote their games. Regular radio listeners love to listen to their favourite radio stations and they are big fans of famous DJs. When these DJs talk about casino games, they can insert their messages to possible clients. Casinos can also create their radio advertising schedules for sending out their ads regularly. These days, casinos buy radio slots based on their budgets to create awareness about their games. They mostly use an emotional angle to target their prospective clients. Likewise, casinos also use podcasts, a very similar medium to radio, to place conversational advertisements.

  • Websites of casino bloggers:

There are professional bloggers who, over the years, have created content reliable content for their readers. So, it becomes natural for casino companies to book a space on blogs with a large readership. So, they buy ad space on these blogs to advertise their businesses.

Casinos have been purchasing media space across different platforms and using them differently. Their investments in advertising space have mainly been successful as many companies register higher revenue over the years. To boost their outreach and get the best deal, they can work with media purchasing professionals. The professionals can negotiate for the best price and effective promotion of their ads. But, they still need human intervention for the best results. In the case of direct media space purchase, a casino company must look for the best publishers. In addition, other buying options are based on automated technologies.the