How Location Tracker App Helps Parents Secure Kids from Kidnappers?

In this technological age, one of the primary worries of parents is how their children are safe from all the dangers that lurk on the Internet. For instance, kidnapping is one of the most significant threats today, and there are strategies to avoid it. But, unfortunately, kidnapping children is a significant issue in several countries.

Children are particularly vulnerable to kidnapping. With the advancements in digital technology, it’s easy for kidnappers to track their targets. Our children, without being aware, could have accounts on social media that explicitly disclose almost all their personal information to people. They also don’t rely on the age restrictions that are imposed by social media.

It’s just a formality since your child could circumvent this by providing false birth dates. Many kids are adept at extending the age limit established by social media; however, they fail to protect other personal data. They often share all kinds of information, including school detail, making it easier for criminals to track them. If you’re worried about the possibility of kidnapping, you’ll need a mobile tracking app as it is not possible to be with your kids all day.

Facts on Mobile Tracking app:

In a survey organized by Royal Children’s Hospital, all parents were questioned if they felt the tracking devices make them feel more relaxed in allowing their children to travel independently without supervision from an adult. Nearly 88% of parents responded with a positive response. In addition, about 87% of parents reported feeling secure regarding their children’s safety by keeping track of their locations.

Nearly 67% said the children are more comfortable with their parents knowing their live location. Nearly 31% of parents stated that their children don’t wish for their parents to use an app to track GPS location. About 19% stated that their spouses are not in agreement regarding the tracking of their children. Many parents are still weighing the benefits and drawbacks of tracking their kids’ location using technology.

How Does Location Tracker Help in Securing Children?

Every parent wants to keep their eyes on our children and not let a moment slip by with their attention. But being a parent is a very demanding job, and there are plenty of other things we need to take care of.

Any things could happen to kids; they wander off, unaware of how dangerous the outside world could be.  This is the way technology steps into the picture in terms of surveillance devices. This is how you can make use of GPS tracker app to prevent kidnapping.

  • Know your kids’ location in real-time
  • Get notification when children cross the safe zone
  • Set special alerts for kids’ protection
  • Live with peace of mind

The responsibility of parenthood is more significant than we can manage, so it’s not surprising that each day, parents wake up to another set of tasks to think about. Parents continuously struggle to stay in a constant state of worry. However, using a GPS tracker and being able to access your child’s current location provides you with assurance.

The ability of spyware to provide you with means to keep track of your child’s movements even when you’re not in their presence is an oasis of calm in moments where the demands of parenting can become overwhelming.

You Need TheWiSpy Live Location Tracker App:

By using this best location tracking app, it is possible to prevent or at the very least reduce (significantly) the risk of kidnappings that could occur with your child. You can track the whereabouts of your kids at any time, from anywhere. Of course, while they carry their phones with them. TheWiSpy is an app to track your kids’ phones, allowing you to track their locations via the TWS dashboard.

Not just tracking, but TheWiSpy will also allow you to designate a set of safe zones so that when your children leave the zone, you’ll receive a notification. By heeding these alerts, you can react much faster to stop the threat from growing. For example, if your child is asked by someone else to visit a location that they’ve already gone home together, you can immediately visit your child’s place and call the police for assistance.

But, if you thought TheWiSpy was just another scam tracking tool, then you’re mistaken. It more deserves to be called a complete security instrument, both offline as well as online. Many kidnapping cases result from seduction through SMS or direct messages from social media. This is where TheWiSpy live location tracker app is a step ahead by preventing any possible seduction through texts or personal messages.

In other words, the features offered by TheWiSpy can help prevent possible kidnapping. Additionally, the features will assure your children’s safety from other dangers, such as cyberbullying as well as Internet addiction.

Essential Benefits from using TheWiSpy:

  • The application is available on all Android devices for installation.
  • You will be able to receive regular alerts regarding the potential dangers of cyberbullying and inappropriate adult content as well as bullying within your child’s conversations.
  • Using real-time tracking of locations and geofencing, you can track your child’s location at any moment to ensure they’re never in “unusual places.” You can also design “Safe Zones” and receive alerts whenever your kid crosses the boundary.
  • With the application blocker and activity tracking, you’ll be in control of what kinds of apps your children can install and uninstall and monitor the amount of time spent on each application.
  • The content filter can protect your child or teen secure from dangers on the Internet. It will block offensive or unsuitable sites with harmful content, such as gambling, pornography or violence.
  • You can track and control screen time through this mobile tracking app, where you can check the exact time spent on each app.

Install TheWiSpy on Your Kid’s Phone:


You can subscribe to TWS plans from the official website and then install the spyware on the phone. There are three price plans available such as basic, premium, and platinum.

Basic Plan:

Monthly package: $19.99
Three-month package: $29.99
Six-month package: $49.99

Premium Plan:

Monthly package: $29.99
Three-month package: $49.99
Six-month package: $79.99

Platinum Plan:

Monthly package: $49.99
Three-month package: $79.99
Six-month package: $119.99


If you use a quality tracker, you can safeguard kids from potential risks in the real and online world. However, while it is essential to track, it is equally important to help your children learn how to handle an unforeseen situation. In addition, they need to know how to protect their safety when not supervised by their parents.

Choosing a tracker is a responsible task that parents need to protect children from dangers carefully. TheWiSpy is, without a doubt, the most reliable application for location tracking. In addition, it offers numerous functions that you can use to manage your children’s activities from your personalized dashboard.

If you’re searching for the best location tracking app, TheWiSpy is probably the most popular in the market. You can safeguard your kids more effectively with a relatively low cost, which is the least expensive at $19.99 per month.

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